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rainy friday morning

The rainy season is here and it pours almost every day.

I usually wear skirts to work, but end up freezing my legs off.

Last week, whenever I wore pants, the weather stayed resolutely fine and sunny.

When I told two of my colleagues, MS and N, separately about this, they both replied, ‘It’s always like that!’

Today I outwitted the weather by putting on pants only after waking up to rainy weather.  :D


three luxuries

Yesterday evening I had dinner at Mos Burger in Raffles City. Fish burger, fries and coke! Love the mayonnaise they use in their fish burgers. It’s extremely addictive; I swear they put crack in it.

After that went window shopping. Passed Ode to Art, an art gallery, and saw that it had a few small Dali sculptures in the window, so I went in.

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starting over

……andddddd we’re back!!!

IT guy J took four or five hours to revive my computer: transferring my files out, reformatting it, and putting the files back in again.

Thanks J!

the digital age

My computer at work couldn’t be started due to a missing hal.dll file.

Sat at another workstation and used a Mac, one of the office laptops, for the whole day.

Very painful to be unable to access all my files!

Our IT guy’s coming tomorrow, hopefully he’ll be able to resuscitate my computer successfully!!!

a japanese dinner

Exactly six weeks ago on 8 August, met Zhi Yun (Poppish Princess) for dinner at the Central. Hadn’t seen her in eons!!!

So we walked around a bit and decided to have ramen in the end. Joined the queue outside Marutama Ramen. Waited for about 15 minutes, and there was finally a table for two!

There were these two girls in front of us, but when the wait staff came out to see who were in pairs, one of them had gone to the washroom. So PP and I got their table instead! YAYYY. (I know, cheap thrill.)

PP and I ordered the same thing – the eponymous Marutama ramen with an extra ajitsuke tamago.

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雨下整夜 我的爱溢出就像雨水

This year, one of my three new year resolutions is to break fewer umbrellas (my other resolutions are: to try as many new things as possible and to gain a clearer picture of my goals in life), since I damaged, beyond repair, an average of one every quarter last year.

Anyway, I’ve been using the same foldable umbrella since January this year. A few months ago, one of its ribs (had to google to find out what exactly that part is called!) broke, and my dad managed to fix it with a bit of wire.

Then a few days ago, a couple more ribs broke as well. This time my dad said they were irreparable. My dear old brolly had finally given up the ghost!

So I junked it this morning.

Nine months! This must surely be a new record!!!

completely random

If you’re bored and have about ten minutes to spare, click HERE.

harper’s bazaar: greatest hits

Bazaar editor in chief picks mag’s ‘Greatest Hits’

Samantha Chritchell, AP Fashion Writer

NEW YORK (AP) — As editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar, Glenda Bailey has seen some pretty fantastic things — “epic moments,” she calls them.

In her 10 years at the helm of the magazine, she has overseen fancy photo shoots with A-list stars, insider moments with top designers and the times the magazine hits the zeitgeist just right. Bailey highlights many of them in a new book about her decade in charge, “Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest Hits,” and in an interview with The Associated Press, she listed her favorites:

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you learn something new every day

The hard plastic bits covering the ends of your shoelaces are called aglets.

rainy thursday morning

Just forwarded an email appeal for sponsorship for a charity fundraiser to my colleagues.

It was sent by a first year medicine student from NUS, with whom I’ve corresponded on other matters before.

And I don’t know why this little boy chose to address me as ‘Dear Mdm’, when I am barely five years older than him!!!

Now I am wondering if I sound very old in my emails.


Ahgong gave me this couplet (the words, not the image itself) for my birthday in 2007.

You know, I really do love presents like this. :)

take flight

One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.

Helen Keller

dimsum dinner

Read this review of dimsum den 搵到食 (Cantonese: Wan Dou Sek) ages ago and wanted to visit the place since then. Finally, on Thursday (15 September), Karen and I went to try it! We met at Aljunied MRT and took a 15-minute walk there, armed with the Google Maps programme in my trusty Samsung smartphone!

Wan Dou Sek is a pun, with both a literal meaning of  ‘found something to eat’ and figurative meaning of ‘found a job’. To top it all off, Wan Dou Sek sounds like its address, 126 (Sims Avenue)!

There were tables and chairs placed on the sidewalk but we decided to sit inside. The whole place did not feel like Singapore at all! Their menu has tons and tons of items! Looked through and ordered quickly because we…… were…… HUNGRY!!!

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那人却在 灯火阑珊处

On Monday night, we just returned from a zhi char dinner at a nearby coffeeshop when we saw children playing with fire lanterns, candles and sparklers in the park.

At this, my mum declared excitedly, ‘Let’s play with lanterns too!’ So we popped upstairs where she actually managed to dig out two paper lanterns, which are probably more than a decade old, as I haven’t played with lanterns since I was 12.

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Was chatting with Ahgong on MSN on Monday night and told him that every time the Mid-Autumn Festival rolls around, everyone around me starts quoting Song Dynasty poet Xin Qiji’s 《青玉案·元夕》 (yes definitely an exaggeration but still……).

And then I had a sudden thought:

~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] says:
anyway 辛弃疾 对 霍去病

Avalon says:

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