glutton’s day

Had a really gluttonous day yesterday.

Breakfast: chocolate doughnut from Yamazaki Boulangerie. Reheated it so the chocolate would be all warm and melty.

Lunch: colleagues LL and N got promoted a couple of months ago so they treated all the staff to nasi briyani. LL went all the way down to some store in Beach Road opposite Golden Mile to get it! I had chicken briyani and it wasn’t too bad.

Tea: birthday celebration for all the September babies (colleagues LL and S, and our company itself!) so we had carrot cake from Cedele. Mmmm I love icing!

Dinner: dimsum from someplace in Geylang. Went with Karen, as mentioned in previous post. Shall blog about it soon! :)

NB Title is of course a pun on the name of the hawker centre at the Esplanade, called Makansutra Gluttons Bay!


2 Responses to “glutton’s day”

  1. 1 kateshrewsday Friday, 16 September, 2011 at 9:08 pm

    That was a very restrained glutton’s day. The menus sounded fabulous :-)

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