dimsum dinner

Read this review of dimsum den 搵到食 (Cantonese: Wan Dou Sek) ages ago and wanted to visit the place since then. Finally, on Thursday (15 September), Karen and I went to try it! We met at Aljunied MRT and took a 15-minute walk there, armed with the Google Maps programme in my trusty Samsung smartphone!

Wan Dou Sek is a pun, with both a literal meaning of  ‘found something to eat’ and figurative meaning of ‘found a job’. To top it all off, Wan Dou Sek sounds like its address, 126 (Sims Avenue)!

There were tables and chairs placed on the sidewalk but we decided to sit inside. The whole place did not feel like Singapore at all! Their menu has tons and tons of items! Looked through and ordered quickly because we…… were…… HUNGRY!!!

Drinks: K’s honey lemon (left) and my chrysanthemum tea ($2 each). They use tau huay containers instead of the usual cups! Each bowl contained quite a lot, so it’s rather value for money! My chrysanthemum tea was cold, sweet and refreshing.

招牌豆腐 (signature fried tofu). At $5, this was the most expensive dimsum we had. It was crisp and delicious, and went very well with the mayonnaise liberally poured on top. I think this was the best dish of the evening!

Clockwise from left: fish otak, char siew bao and siew mai.

The fish otak ($4) contained chunky pieces of fish, and a little spicy. The char siew bao ($3.20) was light and fluffy, and the filling was sweet and savoury. The siew mai ($2.50) was forgettable though, Crystal Jade’s is better.

Chee cheong fun with prawns (left) and har gao.

The chee cheong fun is not too bad, and the sauce is savoury and went perfectly with the rolls and prawns inside. Meanwhile, the prawns in the har gao ($3.20) were fresh and chunky, but overall, the har gao was only slightly less forgettable than the siew mai. :S

We were still hungry so we each picked one more dish!

K picked banana spring rolls ($3.50)! Crispy, sweet and a little salty. But I don’t really like bananas so I ate only one and made her finish the rest.

I picked fried scallops ($4.80)! Fresh and crispy! Not bad, but still tasted a little fishy.

The bill came up to $34.10 for the two of us. Not particularly cheap but not all that expensive either. The food isn’t spectacular, but reasonably good. There are some hits and some misses, but I wouldn’t mind returning to try out the other items on their extensive menu.

Wan Dou Sek is also open 24 hours so you can satisfy your dim sum cravings at any time. :)

Wan Dou Sek
126 Sims Avenue
Singapore 387449
+65 6746 4757

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