technological advancement

I got a free new phone when I changed my plan (to, incidentally, a cheaper one!) on 17 August. It is a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830.

The user manual which came with my phone was paper thin (ie, barely any useful information), and I didn’t really have the time to figure out all the functions anyway. So I just used my phone to send smses, make calls, take photos and surf the net while on long boring train rides. Once in a while, I’d also use Google Maps to check my bearings while travelling somewhere. But that was about it.

Until late this morning, when I finally added one of my Gmail accounts to my phone, and was finally able to start downloading apps from Android Market. (I find their little robot inexplicably adorable!)

Downloaded a few apps and started playing with them. 

One of them was Skitch, which allows users to make simple drawings or add simple annotations to images. I drew this apple using Skitch! Only thing is, I can’t save images to my phone, and can only share them using various programmes including email. So I have to save them in my Gmail account before I can upload them to my blog.

I also downloaded Pixlr-o-matic, which you can use to ‘add retro effects to your photos in a snap’! Made a nice new wallpaper (at the top of this entry), which goes perfectly with the black front of my phone (its back is white)!

And so – unleashing the full power of my smartphone, one step at a time!!!

NB First time using left and right alignment for my blog images!


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