bright and airy

On 29 September, colleague N and I decided to go try out a newly opened cafe near our workplace, called Drips Bakery Cafe. Yes, Tiong Bahru is getting hipper by the day!!!

The white-walled cafe is bright and airy, and full of mismatched furniture.

We ordered our food, and sat down at the back of the cafe, under a skylight.

Our table was next to the kitchen.

Went around snapping some photos while we were waiting for our food.

Drips sells a wide variety of cakes and tarts.

Look at the luscious tarts!!! *drools*

Finally, our food was here!

I had the chicken and portobello mushroom sandwich with eggplant. Rather curiously, it also contained some slices of mango, which added a tangy touch to the meat and vegetables. The sandwich was light and wholesome.

N had the vegetarian sandwich, which contained zucchini, portobello mushroom and eggplant. Front view:

And back view:

The menu said that all sandwiches would be served with salad, and it turned out that their so-called salad was actually…… a halved cherry tomato and three thin slices of cucumber (in the photo above, N’d already eaten one of them)!!! Drips, you can do better than that!!! Either serve either more vegetables to make it a proper salad or remove all mention of the it!!!

And guess what we had for dessert???

Yes, the luscious little tarts pictured earlier!!!

I had strawberry tart and N had mango tart! The strawberries were fresh and tart and went very well with the soft and sweet custard. The shell of the tart was fresh and crisp. Meanwhile the mango was very juicy and sweet. Pick the mango for a sugar high! I must say that the tarts at Drips are definitely winners!!!

Mooncake cushions!

(Took this photo when I passed the cafe on the way back from lunch this afternoon. They’ve added a little cabinet in their window!)

My sandwich was $9.80 and tart was $5.80. At $15.60, this was possibly the most expensive lunch I’ve had on a workday!!! :P

Drips is a cafe and of course sells tea and coffee, which we did not try. I’m not exactly a fan of coffee, but I would love to return and enjoy a cuppa over some cake! This is one cafe which is definitely showing promise!

Drips Bakery Cafe
82 Tiong Poh Road
Singapore 160082
+65 6222 0400


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