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an apple a day

This morning, colleague LL forwarded the above image to all of us, which immediately elicited some responses:

AGL: soon will be ipast

SY: iagree

S: It’ll be iDeal if my husband does the iPaid. Heehee.

Boss M: Then the husband will eventually say: IDead…


connecting the dots

Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away last Wednesday, 5 October 2011. Immediately, both traditional and online media burst forth with articles about the man and his company.

I’ve read quite a number of articles claiming that one either loves Apple or hates it. That’s nonsense, of course, one can always be neutral towards them. :P I do appreciate the aesthetics of Apple products, but for un-techie me, when it comes to purchasing electronics, I prize function over form.

Steve Jobs gave a legendary speech at the Stanford graduation ceremony in 2005, which has, by now, been quoted and requoted countless times. So if you haven’t read it (what planet are you living on?!), CLICK to be inspired.

one step at a time

Went to play the Cashflow Game for the first time yesterday afternoon. The gathering, organized by a certain company, was held in a room in an office in International Plaza. It was full house – the tables were crowded with people of all aged. There were also game leaders at each table to help out.

The point of this boardgame is to get out of the rat race, get onto the fast track and buy your dream there.

First, everyone picks a profession card, which lists info like salary, expenses and so on. I got doctor, which made me very amused indeed. (I also had the highest salary and highest expenses at my table.)

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on english

Something that brightened up my dark and rainy Monday morning:

Imperfect way to perfect English

THE air is abuzz with clever comments on the use of the English Language. The words “bring” and “take” invariably arise, with experts feeling amused or annoyed.

Why can’t I bring a cake to your house if that brings you happiness and I wish you all the best? If I take the cake, why do I also take a bus to your house? Does taking medicine daily mean putting it in your pocket every day?

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bright and airy

On 29 September, colleague N and I decided to go try out a newly opened cafe near our workplace, called Drips Bakery Cafe. Yes, Tiong Bahru is getting hipper by the day!!!

The white-walled cafe is bright and airy, and full of mismatched furniture.

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There is a little temple near my office.

In the temple is a blue cage.

In the blue cage lives an African Grey Parrot.

Usually, whenever I walked past, I’d try to make it talk.

Usually, it’d ignore me.

On Thursday, as I was walking back from lunch at Tiong Bahru Market, it suddenly squawked, ‘HELLO!’

In an unmistakably parroty voice.

I was really surprised.

And I smiled back.

the end of an era

And…… they’ve finally sold my late 奶奶’s flat in Aljunied……

It’s truly the end of an era, at least for me……

the future of our nation

No matter how old you are, you’ll always be someone’s child.


Happy Children’s Day!!!


rainy thursday evening

Or ‘超级大暴雨!!!!’, as my designer CX emailed me to say.

It’s 6.59 pm and I’m currently stuck in the office!!! :(

completely random

Booking plane tickets is like buying bras: 33C, 37F and the like……

you learn something new every day

Stumbled upon this word a few days ago:

IPA: /ˈzugmə/
Spelt: [zoog-muh]
noun Grammar, Rhetoric.

the use of a word to modify or govern two or more words when it is appropriate to only one of them or is appropriate to each but in a different way, as in to wage war and peace or On his fishing trip, he caught three trout and a cold.
adapted from
An interesting name for an interesting concept! (I am going to ignore the arbitrariness of language for now!)
You can also read more about zeugma here!

completely random

Thursday evening, on the train home……

Was sitting down. There was a youngish auntie seated on my left, and she was talking to another youngish auntie standing in front of her.

Suddenly I heard standing-youngish-auntie say, ‘……they should hire someone with a degree in English instead of a degree in mathematics!’

Next to them, I was secretly amused.

quirkyhill: mobile version

q u i r k y h i l l

Mobile version now available!

PS Yes I know the mobile version is available for all WordPress blogs, and there was zero effort on my part! :P

technological advancement

I got a free new phone when I changed my plan (to, incidentally, a cheaper one!) on 17 August. It is a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830.

The user manual which came with my phone was paper thin (ie, barely any useful information), and I didn’t really have the time to figure out all the functions anyway. So I just used my phone to send smses, make calls, take photos and surf the net while on long boring train rides. Once in a while, I’d also use Google Maps to check my bearings while travelling somewhere. But that was about it.

Until late this morning, when I finally added one of my Gmail accounts to my phone, and was finally able to start downloading apps from Android Market. (I find their little robot inexplicably adorable!)

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on buying bowls

Snippet of an MSN conversation with Zhiqi last night:

~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] says:
i want to buy bowls to store my jewellery
not to cook
if u’re wondering

zhiqi says:
haha actually when i saw ur sms i wanted to ask u if ur getting married (and therefore getting bowls for ur new home)

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