happy halloween

Praise (a friend I met through work) and I planned to have dinner at 40 Hands, a coffee joint near our workplaces on Halloween night (31 October). Just before I left work, I checked 40 Hands’ website on a hunch, and confirmed that they are closed on Mondays.

So P and I went to Caffe Pralet instead. Caffe Pralet is part of a small culinary school, Creative Culinaire, headed by chef Judy Koh.

There was a funeral going on in a small yellow tent erected on the street just outside the cafe, and obscured its facade completely. So throughout the entire time we were there, only three tables were occupied – us, a long table full of adults wearing Halloween accessories, and another couple.

We sat down at a table near the window. There is a Monkey God temple located opposite the cafe, and we were pretty amused to see that all its religious paraphernalia had been kept away and it even had its shutters down, just like a real shop!

We each ordered a set meal, which consisted of a drink, a main course and a dessert.

My Earl Grey tea (left) and P’s camomile. She later asked for some honey to go with it.

P’s food came first! She had roast chicken served with fries and vegetables. The chicken wasn’t too bad, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Unfortunately, the vegetables were hard and blah. I think the portion was quite large as P did not finish her fries!

I had bacon and avocado panini! The panini is heart-shaped!!! :D The combination of bacon and avocado is harmonious and a pleasant mix of tastes and textures, although I felt they should’ve given more avocado. And the plate is too small to allow one to cut the sandwich up properly though.

And finally, desserts! P had mango mousse cake (left), while I had the cafe’s signature Pralet cake. Her cake, both tart and sweet, was not bad but I think mine was better, haha! It had a crunchy base topped with layers of dark chocolate, and was not too sweet. However, I don’t find it rich enough!

After dinner, P and I sat there chatting until it was almost 9 pm.

My set dinner cost $11.80 in total. Above average food at reasonable prices – Caffe Pralet’s offerings are definitely value for money!

Caffe Pralet
17 Eng Hoon Street
Eng Hoon Mansions
Singapore 169767
+65 6223 5595


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