dinner in joo chiat

Had dinner with Karen yesterday night. We met at Outram MRT and took a bus to Joo Chiat!

First stop: Fei Fei Wanton Mee at 62 Joo Chiat Place. I had previously mentioned to K that I had heard a lot of good things about Fei Fei, and so wanted to try it. There is another Fei Fei Wanton Mee just down the road at No. 72 but K decided we should try No. 62’s. There seems to be a pretty convoluted history behind the two stalls (see here and here, and it seems like No. 62 does not belong to the original owners of Fei Fei)!

When I eat noodles, I usually do not mix them up with the gravy at the bottom of the place, cos I like the 层次感 of eating unmixed noodles. However this wanton mee looked really dry so I decided to mix it.

Mixed and mixed!

Once mixed, it didn’t taste too bad. The noodles are al dente although a tad dry, and the chilli is spicy and good. Adding a spoonful of tomato sauce definitely perked up the flavour. The wantons were nice and had bite but there were only two of them!!!

The noodles do not come with soup. But after you’ve finished, you can bring your empty bowl to the auntie and she will give you some soup. Soup was peppery but nothing spectacular.

Overall, slightly above average. But at $3.20, the portion is really little. (My absolute favourite is still Hwa Kee at the East Coast Lagoon Food Centre!)

Fei Fei Wanton Mee
Fei Fei Coffee Shop
62 Joo Chiat Place
Singapore 427785
+65 6345 7515

Next, we decided to go have dessert! Walked through Joo Chiat, and passed the sleazy area full of bars with Vietnamese hostesses. It seems like K and I are always going on foodie adventures in red light districts!

In any case, there was nothing particularly notable except for the extreme smokiness and interesting Vietnamese food outlets, which have probably sprung up to meet demand. We also walked past many other F&B outlets which looked really intriguing so we kept stopping to peek into their windows. Tons and tons of good food in Joo Chiat waiting to be savoured!!!

Finally, we ended up at Everything with Fries (EwF)!!!

We ordered two desserts, a slice of Nutella tart……

…… and apple crumble with vanilla ice cream!!!

The Nutella tart is rich and chocolatey, although it doesn’t really taste of Nutella. :P We stole a bit of ice cream from the apple crumble and ate it with the tart!!! Haha.

Meanwhile the apples in the apple crumb were tart and went very well with the sweet ice cream. I also enjoyed the mouthfeel of the crumb topping, which was very, errr, crumbly!

Now you see it……

Now you don’t!!!!!! :D

We polished off everything in 15 minutes! I think I enjoyed the tart more and K enjoyed the crumble more!!! But both of us ate until super full!

The people behind EwF also own the chocolate dessert chain Awfully Chocolate. According to their company profile, Awfully Chocolate started off as a humble cake shop in Joo Chiat. They’ve since gone international! And they’ve also branched out into western food with EwF (three outlets at Joo Chiat, Holland Village and Orchard Central).

Then as we left EwF and walked towards the main road, we spotted a bright, bustling eatery at a nearby corner, and went over to take a look. Turned out that this eatery houses Awfully Chocolate, Mooshi Bakes (a bakery) and JooJoo (a Japanese cafe).

Evidently Awfully Chocolate and all their subsidiaries must be doing pretty well now!

To be honest,  I can’t wait to return to EwF to try their other desserts!!! :D

Everything with Fries
458 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427671
+65 6345 5034


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