my big fat japanese dinner

My designer YZ asked me if I could help her write a letter, and she would treat me to dinner. Naturally, I agreed. :D She told me where she intended to take me for dinner, and I felt a little apprehensive cos the place sounded a little dodgy. Anyhow, after work on 10 November, we met at a bus stop in front of People’s Park Complex and took a bus to our destination. When we got down the bus, YZ forgot how to get there! There was a little to-ing and fro-ing but we found the place in the end!

And the place was Box n Sticks, a small Japanese eatery at Aliwal Street, in the Kampong Glam area!

We ordered a lot of food. Well actually YZ was the one who did. I wondered aloud if we could finish everything, but she ignored me and kept ordering. :P

This was a salad with lettuce, tomatoes and some chewy seaweed. The dressing was savoury but light and certainly very addictive! I think it contained sesame.

There was also chawanmushi, which I took only a tiny scoop of. Can’t comment as I generally dislike steamed egg. YZ finished the entire cup.

Raw jellyfish which I absolutely refused to touch (I don’t eat raw fish or meat) no matter how hard YZ pleaded with me to.

YZ had a small glass of umeshu. It was sweet and not the least bit sharp. Perfect for me because I love my drinks that way. Definitely a drink for the ladies!

Grilled stuff – pork belly and vegetables wrapped in bacon! The pork belly was good – a bit of fat never hurts the flavours. The bacon rolls were a bit dry though.

Scallops grilled (or baked?) with cream (?). The rich cream went very well with the scallop. I don’t think you can eat more than one as it got pretty jelak!

YZ’s main course, spaghetti with sausage in tomato sauce. I didn’t try it as I don’t like sausages. Yes I know, YZ ordered quite a few of the foods which I abhor, haha! :P

And finally, my unatama don!!! Many people like runny eggs but I don’t! The egg is firm and fully cooked which is how I like it! There were quite a few pieces of eel, which were perfectly sweet and savoury. Overall a pretty generous portion.

I kept asking YZ about the letter she wanted me to help her write, and she looked at me weirdly and told me to eat first. Haha, 因为我绝非白吃白喝之人!!!  Anyway when we had finished most of the food, she told me that the husband of a friend, who was a chef, had engaged her to design a cookbook. So she had written a letter to him about the basics to consider when writing a cookbook. But it was in Chinese, so she wanted me to translate it into English. So I spent a couple of hours looking at the one-page letter and typing my translation into her iPad. I’ve never used an iPad before and some of its functions were a bit of a mystery, even to its owner!

While I was beavering away, YZ decided to order dessert.

She had green tea ice cream while I had the green tea tiramisu. No idea how hers tasted, but mine was bland – it tasted barely like tiramisu, let alone green tea tiramisu. I had trouble finishing it. Do not order!!!

Finally finished the translation at almost 10.30 pm!!! Read and reread it to ensure it was perfect. Since my job was done, we finally made a move!!!

The interior and exterior of this little eatery are decorated with boxed murals.

And this is the corner where it is located!

Box n Sticks
14 Aliwal Street
Singapore 199907
+65 6396 4223


1 Response to “my big fat japanese dinner”

  1. 1 auntielucia Sunday, 22 April, 2012 at 10:50 pm

    Many of the stuff your friend ordered looks like nouveau Japanese rather than trad. I think the raw jelly fish looks as tho there’s raw squid below — which I loathe too. But not the other raw seafood (which she didn’t order!).

    Btw, I love my egg runny but loathe unagi ie eel.

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