an explosion of flavours and textures

I love Hainanese curry rice, and have been wanting to try Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice ever since I read this review! Imagine my delight when I started working and found out that my workplace was a mere stone’s throw away from Loo’s!!! :D

Naturally I soon became a frequent customer of Loo’s. I used to order rice with fried pork chops and stewed cabbage. The auntie or uncle would slice the pork chops, place all the meat and vegetables on some rice, and then ladle two types of gravy, curry and tomato, over everything. The resulting dish always looks like pig’s slop but I assure you that it is extremely delicious. The crispy fried pork chops, the soft soggy stewed cabbage, mildly spicy curry and sweet and sour tomato gravies over a warm base of rice…… truly, an explosion of flavours and textures.

Anyway, since I started cutting carbs, I stopped ordering rice at Loo’s and just had their dishes. And this is what I had for lunch today!

Clockwise from top: fried pork chops drenched in curry gravy, stewed eggs and leeks and tofu. Super delicious!  Nowadays when I eat at Loo’s, I always order pork chops with curry, because I think the pork chops taste better with it than the tomato gravy. Now even the auntie remembers that I only want curry gravy with my pork chops!

There is actually another Hainanese curry rice stall in the vicinity, located in the nearby Tiong Bahru Market. Their pork chops are thinnier and crispier but have an odd aftertaste. And the uncle at that stall is super unfriendly while the staff at Loo’s are much friendlier. So I rarely patronize this other place.

Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice
57 Eng Hoon Street
Tai Kwang Huat Coffee Shop
Singapore 160057
+65 6225 3762


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