great minds think alike

Look at this!!!

A few days ago, the Straits Times did a special feature, titled Best & Worst, a round up of all the best and the worst in arts and culture. The section titled Dishes, compiled by Tan Hsueh Yun, ran thus (click to read a larger version):

The Straits Times, Lifestyle, 25 December 2011, page 7

I was delighted to see that the fruit tarts from Drips were mentioned. Yes, because I already know that they are AH-MAY-ZING!!! :D

(I also love the last paragraph, which goes:


Sauce snobbery: Servers at some eateries give you a little sniff when you ask for chilli sauce with fries. One tells customers who ask for the condiment that the ‘flavour profile’ of its potatoes ‘goes better with ketchup’. There is nothing wrong with fries and chilli sauce. Get over it. Give us peasants what we want.

Personally I was a little surprised that there is actually at least one eatery which thinks its potatoes go better with ketchup, as I thought both ketchup and chilli sauce are held in equal disdain by many F&B establishments of a certain standard. :P)


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