the metal umlaut

Thïs ïs rëällÿ ïntërëstïng!!!

A metal umlaut (also known as röck döts) is a diaeresis (in Germanic languages called Umlaut) that is sometimes used gratuitously or decoratively over letters in the names of hard rock or heavy metal bands—for example those of Mötley Crüe and Motörhead. Amongst English speakers, the use of umlaut marks and other diacritics with a blackletter style typeface is a form of foreign branding intended to give a band’s logo a Teutonic quality—denoting stereotypes of boldness and strength commonly attributed to ancient northern European peoples, such as the Vikings and Goths. Its use has also been attributed to a desire for a “Gothic horror” feel. The metal umlaut is not generally intended to affect the pronunciation of the band’s name.

from here

Was checking out the German loanword uber (originally über in German) when I came across this. Click HËRË to read about the metal umlaut!!! ü


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