christmas in the office

My company had our annual Christmas lunch in the office on 21 December 2011! As with previous years, there was a buffet spread. The caterer was Purple Sage, which did a pretty good job with the yuletide decorations!

The staff from the two neighbouring associations and a few of the doctors in our council came over to join in our festivities!

And the food……

How can any Christmas feast be without the various customary meats?

Our cleaning aunty carving up the roasted whole turkey and honey baked ham.

The meats came with some mixed vegetables and deep fried potato gnocchi (in the two squarish plastic containers at the far edge of the table).

Tomato and cheese tarts, and baked scallops.

Mussels with chilli and Thai basil, and skewered sausages.

Baked chicken and dry angel hair laksa.

Mini wagyu burgers with mustard, egg mayo tartlets and smoked tuna squares.

And for dessert: chocolate log cake, fruit cake and assorted cookies. You can see the mixed vegetables and deep fried potato gnocchi (Dr BW enlightened me on its pronounciation, ‘NO-ki’) more clearly (in the foreground) here.

And the Secret Santa presents were placed in a corner!


And my verdict?

The ham and turkey were good. But the mixed vegetables tasted weird and the gnocchi were too floury and hard to swallow.

Had many helpings of the tomato and cheese tarts. Baked scallops were not too bad, and so were the mussels. The dry laksa was surprisingly spicy!!! Did not eat the sausages (that’s a story for another day).

I do not usually eat beef because of the taste, and had never tried wagyu before. The wagyu burgers did not have that beefy taste, and were good. Egg mayo tartlets not too bad, and so were the smoked tuna squares.

Fruit cake was nice and light. Cookies were crispy. The log cake was rich and chocolatey, and I had two servings!!!

Overall, I thought the food was better than 2010’s (a different caterer). The portion of food was just right, with only a bit left over.

After the others had left, we held our office lucky draw and colleague M went distributing the Secret Santa presents.

The stuff I got!!!

And after that, nobody was in the mood to work!!! :P


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