food and sex

My first adventure of 2012!!!

Met up with some online friends on the first day of 2012 and we went to eat dimsum at Wan Dou Sek! There were 15 of us, 11 guys and four girls (including me). We occupied four tables, joined together, on the sidewalk, and took up a LOT of space!

We ordered so much dimsum that I couldn’t remember all their names!

Some of the dimsum we tried! The har gao and siew mai tasted better than the my first visit there! Ate a lot, all washed down with chrysanthemum tea.

While we were waiting for our food, we chatted and one of the more ‘street smart’ guys informed us that since this place is so close to the red light district of Geylang, there are a lot of lookouts around. In fact, he said, a couple of men had walked past our table a few times. !!!!!!!!!! No idea if that was true because I hadn’t noticed at all!

The bill came up to $208 for 15 of us, which is approximately $14 per person.

Wan Dou Sek 
126 Sims Avenue
Singapore 387449
+65 6746 4757

After our dinner, it was time for the second part of the evening’s programme. The more street smart guys gave us some important advice before leading us through a couple of roads (the odd-numbered lorongs) before we finally reached the red light district of Geylang (the even-numbered lorongs).

There were lots of skimpily dressed streetwalkers of various races and nationalities standing along the roads. It was pretty dark so I couldn’t see if they were hot or not. :P Anyway, if I am not wrong, these streetwalkers are illegal. The legal prostitutes work in licensed brothels. Lots of men, mainly from China and India (maybe Bangladesh?) were milling around as well.  And we were the only ones travelling conspicuously in such a big group! Haha. :P

Unsurprisingly, there were quite a few budget hotels around the area. The occasional car passed by. I vaguely recall an uncle selling ice cream from a cart or something.

Then we walked through a short road. The number of streetwalkers and random men milling around never seemed to decrease. I noticed a sign saying ‘Westerhout Road’, and thought that was a pretty unusual name. (When I got home, I checked and found out that the road was apparently named after a prominent Dutch businessman called Josiah Bartholomew Westerhout.)

Suddenly, we came to the legal brothels, located in terrace houses on both sides of the road, which were all brightly lit. Some are called fish tanks because they have girls standing behind glass windows (which I already knew), but they are also illuminated with strong fluorescent lights (which I only realized when I got there), just like real aquarium shops!

Heard that one of the guys in our group got solicited by a prostitute. Didn’t see that, but witnessed some random guy get solicited though. Alas, no prostitute approached me, as I presumably looked as though I couldn’t afford it. :( Haha.

Then we walked up a lorong back to the main road, and that was the end of our approximately 40-minute tour.

We then went to this coffeeshop located along the main road, which serves soya bean drinks and desserts, and a small selection of Chinese snacks. Everyone ordered something, and I ordered a cup of cold soya bean milk. We chatted until it grew late and it was time to go home.

I thought the tour through the red light district was a pretty eye opening experience, since it was my first ever trip there. All the odd characters hanging around may seem a little forbidding, so go in a large group and stick together. It’ll probably help if there are some guys in your group. Absolutely no phototaking unless you want to be whacked by the prostitutes or pimps! :P



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