cost vs value

I think the biggest lesson of money I learnt in 2011 is that when you buy things, it’s not how much money you spend, but the value you get out of them.

Let me explain by means of an example.

On weekdays, I usually have lunch at the coffeeshops or hawker centres near my workplace. Cheap and good, but it’s usually warm and there is no atmosphere to speak of, so eat already faster run off liao.

Then there are the food courts. The food is about the same as coffeeshops (some would say it’s worse :P), but the prices are usually twice as much. While there’s airconditioning, there’s not much atmosphere to speak of as well. Again, once you’re done, you’ll seldom linger. So I don’t think it’s worth the prices one pays. I rarely eat at the sole foodcourt near my office. Actually I rarely eat at foodcourts anymore.

Then there are the cafes, like Cedele. Food is good, although prices are obviously much higher than in coffeeshops. There is airconditioning. And most importantly, there is service and atmosphere. Yes, one has to pay for those, but I find that the value that I get far exceeds what I pay. Being served by others is a luxury which I enjoy, albeit occasionally. And good atmosphere enhances the dining experience.

And so, after taking the afternoon off on 18 November 2011, I decided to lunch at Cedele in Great World City.

First I had a BLT sandwich for lunch.

It had a layer of roast onion beetroot chutney in it which was both tart and sweet, and tasted rather curious but was not unpleasant. Combined with the crispy and salty bacon and fresh vegetables, every bite was an explosion of tastes and textures.

Truth be told, I do love Cedele sandwiches so!

Then I had a slice of pecan pie.

I had never had pecan pie before! It was sweet, rich and buttery. But oh, what a tiny piece!

Asked a waiter what it contained, and he went to consult someone before coming back to tell me that it had ‘caramel, butter and pecans’. (That’s just the filling, and not the crust. :P)

I savoured my small slice of pecan pie slowly while doing a bit of reading. I lingered until all the lunchtime crowd had melted away and it was late afternoon.

1 Kim Seng Promenade
Great World City
Singapore 237994
+65 6836 1426


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