the solitary diner

Had dinner at Cedele in Great World City on Friday evening after work.

Sat at my usual table, the innermost circular one. There was another solitary diner at the table in front of mine. It was a skinny lady in perhaps her 40s, and she too read while she ate.

Ordered yet another sandwich. Chicken avocado with brie!

You can choose the bread you want and I chose walnut as I’d never tried it before.

On first bite, I thought the chicken was rather bland.

But I kept eating, and eventually, the flavours came together.

Interior shot!

With its unsalty chicken, this is the healthiest-tasting Cedele sandwich I’ve eaten!

After that I ordered dessert. Chocolate truffle cake!

When it came, I realized I had ordered the wrong cake! Had intended to order the chocolate nougat cake, which has swirl of white icing on top.

But no matter! This one was still rich, delicious and satisfying!

1 Kim Seng Promenade
Great World City
Singapore 237994
+65 6836 1426


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