the 3ms

Healthcare Financing Framework In Singapore

The financing philosophy of Singapore’s healthcare delivery system is based on individual responsibility and community support. Patients are expected to co-pay part of their medical expenses and to pay more when they demand a higher level of service. At the same time, Government subsidies help to keep basic healthcare affordable. For more information on government subsidies, please click here.

To help Singaporeans to pay for their medical expenses, the Government has put in place a financing framework, which consists of Medisave, MediShield, Medisave-Approved Integrated Shield Plans and Medifund. The CPF Board administers the Medisave and MediShield schemes.

Medisave-approved Integrated Shield Plans are generally an enhancement to MediShield, which is already part of the 3Ms.

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Now, why is it Medisave, Medifund and MediShield, not MediSave, MediFund and MediShield, or Medisave, Medifund and Medishield? Why is there an inconsistency in nomenclature? On some fussier days, when I see the 3Ms (I believe all three words are formed by clipping and blending) appearing in the same sentence, I do find the inconsistency rather unaesthetic.

I guess this is just another of the little linguistic mysteries of life……


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