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for the record

The Pareto principle states that for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. So naturally, most people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. And I suppose that includes me.

Consequently, most wardrobe consultants would advise people to toss the clothes which they do not wear or like, and only keep the pieces which they feel great in. But I hate getting rid of my beloved clothes, so I have to ensure that I wear most if not all of them, if not they’d be simply taking up precious space in my closet.

I started a list of possible outfit combinations late last year and have been adding to it ever since. Unfortunately, I have only worn a few of the outfits I came up with. Hopefully I can wear more of them soon!

In any case, I have decided that I will photograph all my daily outfits for the month of March! Just to record what exactly I wear and how to shake things up a little! Starting tomorrow!!! :D


once in four years

Happy Leap Day everyone, just for the fun of it!!! :D

tempura and consumer psychology

Met Jaewai and Ming Zhen for dinner at Sushi Tei in Raffles City on 24 February. As it was a Friday and Sushi Tei does not take reservations, we spent 20 minutes in the queue before we finally got our seats. The three of us squeezed into a table meant for two.  Quickly ordered as we were all famished.

My ten (tempura) don!

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cookie monster

My mummy made cookies on Friday! Plum jam and almond cookies to be exact.

The plum jam cookies were sour and tasted strangely like pineapple tarts. I know not why! They were a bit soft due to the moisture from the jam. And yes, she’d made the plum jam herself.

I preferred the almond cookies cos they were crunchier. Only two are left in the above photo cos I must have eaten at least ten during the past couple of days…… :S

MUNCH MUNCH. Yes, I truly am a cookie monster…… :D

a surfeit of pasta

Had our first editorial board dinner this year in Da Paolo Bistro Bar at Rochester Park on Tuesday. The place was mostly alfresco dining and had a really laid back and relaxing atmosphere. Everyone turned up except A/Prof DF and A/Prof CT.

First we had bread, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar……

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the solitary diner

Last Friday (17 February) after work, went down to the Central for dinner and then a bit of shopping.

Decided to dine at Freshness Burger.  Ordered a teriyaki chicken burger, fries and yuzu soda. (This was my second ever time there. During my first visit, I had a spam burger, avocado salad and some drink I’ve forgotten.)

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On 10 February, colleague N and I decided to pop down to Marina Bay Sands (MBS) for dinner and a bit of shopping. We went there using the Northeast and Circle Lines, and I thought the whole business of changing trains was very confusing indeed. :P

Had dinner at the TCC outlet in MBS.

My Ham & Cheese with Avocado Sandwich.

red velvet

I had been having a craving for red velvet cake (yes I know, what an odd craving!) for the longest time ever, and finally, last Thursday (16 February), I decided to go and get myself a slice from Coffee Bean after work.

Told colleague D about wanting to buy a slice of red velvet cake, and she lent me her Coffee Bean stored value card readily, so I said I’d get her a piece. Then after that, another colleague YL heard us talking about it, and after googling the cake, said she also wanted to try it as well. :)

So I stopped by the Coffee Bean outlet near my place, got three slices of red velvet and popped them into the fridge once I got home. The next morning, I took them on a 45-minute journey (walk, MRT, walk) to work.

Finally, I burst into the office and announced to D and YL that their cakes had arrived!

And when I opened the boxes, what a sight greeted me! Alas! Due to all the bumping and thumping, the icing on the cakes had either smashed or fell off in several places……!

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a new high

220 pages views yesterday – a new record!!! :D


During a zhi char dinner at the nearby coffeeshop with the family yesterday night, the talk suddenly turned to Valentine’s Day.

The mother suddenly lamented something like ‘so sad my daughters didn’t get chocolates or flowers for Valentine’s Day’ (only half-jokingly, I suppose), and the sister immediately retorted, ‘YOU ALSO WHAT!’


a bouquet of lilies

My colleague D received this huge bouquet from her husband on Valentine’s Day last week. Sending flowers to the wife or girlfriend’s office is always a great move!

It’s really one of the nicest bouquets I’ve seen this 14 February so I’m sharing its beauty with you! Thanks D for letting me take so many photos of your bouquet!!! :D

A bouquet of lilies!

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re!fill and re!charge

Big boss M and colleagues MS, V and Z were supposed to go to Hotel Re! (near our workplace) for work purposes on 9 February, and they decided to lunch there as well. As M’s car could fit one more person, they asked me along.

Hotel Re! is a ‘modern retro themed boutique hotel’, and its interior is decorated in a psychedelic spectrum of colours.

First, we had lunch at Re!Fill, their restaurant. (Their alfresco bar is called Re!Wine, their wellness centre, Re!Fresh, and their gym, Re!Charge……) They were having a 1-for-1 promotion for some dishes on their menu, so we all ordered items on promotion.

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low carb dinner

Decided to make scrambled eggs for my dinner on Saturday night.

Used this recipe by Gordon Ramsay:

I used three eggs, as Ramsay does.

He adds a bit of creme fraiche at the end. I didn’t have that at home, so I used a little full cream milk.


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teddy bear love

Someone who is very fond of and is usually a collector of teddy bears is an arctophile.
And oh, Happy Valentine’s Day!!! :D

operation blunder

Pardon me but I found this rather funny!

CCTV police officer ‘chased himself’ after being mistaken for burglar
Andrew Hough

An undercover police officer “chased himself round the streets” for 20 minutes after a CCTV operator mistook him for suspect.

The junior officer, who has not been named, was monitoring an area hit by a series of burglaries in an unnamed market town in the country’s south.

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