a leisurely friday

Colleague D and I both took leave on Friday (3 February), so that we could go celebrate her birthday by singing karaoke during off peak hours, cos it’s cheaper then! :P I haven’t gone for karaoke for A Very Long Time!

We went to K Box at Marina Square, and opted for the K Lunch package at $10+++ (karaoke from 11 am to 2 pm, and comes with a meal and a drink).

I chose coke and the meal which consisted of beehoon, fried crabsticks, sardines and veggies, because I love crabsticks, haha (foreground of photo). D took the honey lemon drink and the other meal, which comprised of rice, fish, chicken and veggies.

Alas the food at K Box is barely edible!!! :X As I hate wasting food, I tried to finish it, but only managed to put away half of what you see in the photo above. D barely took a few mouthfuls. And the powerful airconditioning did not help matters – it sucked away any remaining heat in the food in a matter of seconds, rendering it cold and tasteless.

I understand that nobody goes to K Box for gourmet food but this is simply unacceptable! K Box, you need to buck up!!! >.<

D is a K Box member, and as it was her birthday, we got a cake on the house!!!

So we put a candle on and sang Happy Birthday!!! :D

The cake was a flat (flourless?) chocolate cake with a crunchy biscuit base. It’s nice but quite average, but then again, it’s free…… :P

Also, K Box has changed its karaoke system. The remote control is now replaced by a small touchscreen near the TV (see photo above). Which means that you have to sit right next to it to select the songs you want. And there’s no way to sing and select songs simultaneously like I always used to do in the past….. :S

Nevertheless D and I had a really great time singing all our favourite songs!!! :D

After that voice breaking session, we window shopped at Marina Square for a bit, and then stopped at TCC in CityLink Mall for a drink. My treat!

D ordered a Litchi Tea Freeze (left) and I ordered an Ultimate Hazelnut Frappe. After we had made our orders, the waiter (a Malay guy) who took them down said, ‘Would you like some garlic bread to go with it?’

Is that like the weirdest recommendation ever or what? Anyway, we said no. :D

We savoured our drinks and chatted the afternoon away (that is the life!), until it was time for D to go home and prepare for the Chingay Parade that evening. She was participating as a member of security!!! :D

1 Raffles Link
CityLink Mall
Singapore 039393
+65 6423 1022


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