a taste of thailand

I wanted to try the Thai food at Golden Mile Complex aka Little Thailand, so I asked Ahgong and Karl to go with me. So we arranged to meet last Saturday (4 February). And on that fateful evening, there was a bit of to-ing and fro-ing before we located each other near Nicoll Highway MRT, and made our way to Golden Mile Complex. Stepping inside the building was like entering a different world altogether. The ground floor was full of little Thai eateries and all of them were really crowded!

We went to Nong Khai Beer House, which is Karl’s favourite eating place there!

I ordered iced milk tea (centre) while Ahgong and Karl ordered iced lemon tea ($1.50 each). My tea was delicious, sweet and rich!

They served us with a complimentary tray of raw vegetables but none of us touched it. For me it was because these were not vegetables I am used to eating raw and I had no idea how to eat them (eg, plain without any dressing?).

We had grilled fish ($12), which was fresh, but I didn’t really like how it tasted. So I made the two guys finish it, and they were very happy to do so! :)

I gravitated towards the grilled chicken, which we had ordered two servings of ($7 per serving). The chicken was tender and its skin was crispy!

We also had tomyam soup with prawns and mushrooms! It was spicy and sour and really whetted one’s appetite!

We ate the dishes with sticky rice ($1 per bag). I only ate a little rice from my bag and made Ahgong finish the rest of it. I think I prefer normal rice though!

The bill came up to $43.50, which is slightly pricey. But the food is good and I’d love to return to try their other meat dishes.

After that, I wanted red rubies for dessert, so we walked over to this other stall which sold mainly desserts and snacks. Karl said that this was the only stall which sold red rubies there. Alas, it was 9.30 pm and they had completely sold out! :( So we decided to go elsewhere for dessert.

Nong Khai Beer House
5001 Beach Road
Golden Mile Complex
Singapore 199588
+65 98785999


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