red velvet

I had been having a craving for red velvet cake (yes I know, what an odd craving!) for the longest time ever, and finally, last Thursday (16 February), I decided to go and get myself a slice from Coffee Bean after work.

Told colleague D about wanting to buy a slice of red velvet cake, and she lent me her Coffee Bean stored value card readily, so I said I’d get her a piece. Then after that, another colleague YL heard us talking about it, and after googling the cake, said she also wanted to try it as well. :)

So I stopped by the Coffee Bean outlet near my place, got three slices of red velvet and popped them into the fridge once I got home. The next morning, I took them on a 45-minute journey (walk, MRT, walk) to work.

Finally, I burst into the office and announced to D and YL that their cakes had arrived!

And when I opened the boxes, what a sight greeted me! Alas! Due to all the bumping and thumping, the icing on the cakes had either smashed or fell off in several places……!

All bashed up!!!

Luckily, D and YL were pretty gracious about it. Nevertheless, I took the cui-est piece. :D

And turned out that all three of us skipped breakfast so that we could enjoy our cake! And I did so immensely. The icing was sweet with a hint of sourness and the cake was moreish. Not enough icing, though! (And I think the red velvet from Food For Thought is slightly better, though!)

And the best part? D said it was her treat!!! :D


2 Responses to “red velvet”

  1. 1 Sunday, 31 March, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    Haha, crushed or not, Coffee Bean makes the best red velvet cake – authentic and the cream cheese is to die for! I’d eat the cake smashed, turned over, or destroyed during travel! LOL!

  2. 2 Sunday, 31 March, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    Oh, and Food for Thought’s red velvet isn’t authentic, they use cherry vanilla cake, which is NOT really red velvet cake. ;)

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