tempura and consumer psychology

Met Jaewai and Ming Zhen for dinner at Sushi Tei in Raffles City on 24 February. As it was a Friday and Sushi Tei does not take reservations, we spent 20 minutes in the queue before we finally got our seats. The three of us squeezed into a table meant for two.  Quickly ordered as we were all famished.

My ten (tempura) don!

MZ’s unatama (egg and egg) don!

JY’s hotate tamago (scallop and egg) don!

We also shared a salmon sushi platter. The salmon was reasonably fresh and overall the sushi was nice but pretty standard, and nothing spectacular.

My ten don was reasonably good, with the various tempuras fresh out of the fryer and still crispy. However, they didn’t provide dipping sauce for my tempura. When I asked for it, they gave me some sauce which was rather viscous and nothing like the runny type that I am used to.

At first I thought the ten don at $9 was a pretty good deal, but while eating I realized it was not really the case. $9 is actually kinda pricey for about five pieces of tempura, a whole lot of rice and nothing much else! This sounds odd but my gut feeling is that customers might find Sushi Tei’s dons a much better deal if they raised the prices by a few dollars, and then served the dons with a bowl of miso soup, some salad, some pickles and maybe even a slice of watermelon? This would probably increase the demand for dons and overall revenue. Food for thought, Sushi Tei? :)

We lingered after we had finished our food and chatted until it was past 9.30 pm, before finally making a move.

Sushi Tei
252 North Bridge Road,
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103
+65 6334 7887


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