sweet teeth

Colleague D wanted to get a present for a friend and asked me to go with her after work yesterday.  Her friend likes Hello Kitty and has an iPhone, so we ended up in this nook in the toy section on the third floor of Takashimaya, which sold anything and everything related to Hello Kitty. And D picked out a Hello Kitty iPhone cover for her friend.

Then we went for coffee at Starbucks in Wisma Atria. D treated me to coffee cos I accompanied her to shop. Haha.

My caramel frappuccino (foreground), and D’s java chocolate chip! (She also had a slice of cheesecake!)

While we were sipping our drinks, D suddenly commented that they had given us hard plastic reusable cups instead of the usual soft plastic disposable ones! I looked around and everyone had their drinks in the hard reusable cups. D said it was weird to drink from such cups.

Incidentally, I have patronized such coffee chain joints less than ten times in my close to 25 years’ existence on this earth! When I told D, she looked at me in disbelief. But well, I find the drinks in such places too pricey, and I don’t like sitting there, sipping drinks and whiling time away. (Lingering after a meal is a different story.)

My caramel frappuccino was cold and refreshing, but the coffee is quite mild. The whipped cream adds a touch of decadence to the drink, but I think the caramel drizzled onto the cream needs a stronger flavour.

Then D mentioned that she wanted to buy rubber boots s0 she could walk in the rain, and I told her Gap sold them! And there happens to have be a Gap in Wisma! So off we went to Gap. At the adults, section, we found rubber boots in green and blue. The colours were kind of dull and unappealing, and the sizes were too big for D anyway. We asked if they had smaller sizes, and they had some boots in kids’ sizes. Lo and behold, they were dark pink, with a pink flower on the outer sideof each boot! And the best thing was that they were $69, less than half the price of the adult sized ones!

While D was trying them on, she was wondering if the pink flower was too much. The salesman said that it was okay cos she was going to wear them overseas anyway, and D replied that she was going to wear them here in Singapore. And the salesman looked pretty amazed, haha!

And so D bought a pair of pretty pink boots and hoped it’d rain pretty soon so she could go splish splash splish splash happily in the water! :D

435 Orchard Road
#03-35 to 40
Wisma Atria
+65 6732 1768


1 Response to “sweet teeth”

  1. 1 Jared Seah Tuesday, 27 March, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Eh? I always order the caramel frappuccino ;)

    When they ask me: “With whip-cream or not?”

    And if I am in a naughty mood, I would answer: “Yes, whip me!”

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