an italian job

My company will be holding an event at Sheraton Towers in September this year. So a few months ago, my big boss M emailed DL, our catering sales contact at Sheraton, to discuss the contract further, and she invited us to the hotel for lunch.

So on 21 March, M and I reached Italian restaurant DOMVS at Sheraton nice and early. DOMVS looks pretty small from the outside, but once you push open the heavy doors and enter, you’ll find that it’s larger than you thought. DL soon appeared, with a female colleague of hers in tow.

We each ordered an executive set lunch. This was the first time I dined at such an atas place. And it was also the first executive set lunch that I had since starting work officially in December 2010! So picking and choosing the various courses was a pretty exciting affair. It made me feel all grown up.  Here’s what I had!

They served two kinds of bread, a thick crusty type and a thin crispy one,  with butter and olive oil.

Had a starter of smoked salmon with salad.

Nothing spectacular but the smoked salmon tasted fresh and clean. I love the vinegary taste of the capers served on the side.

My main course was fried breaded pork chop with potatoes and tomato and rocket leaf salad.

The pork chops were thin, crispy and moreish but not oily. Very nice!

And finally, for dessert, I had caramel mousse.

It was served with a scoop of lime sorbet with a banana chip embedded, two types of crumbly stuff (no idea what they were) and a little purple flower. A mix of textures and flavours, but a perfectly sweet ending.

After we finished the meal, we had a cuppa of either coffee or tea. I had a cup of tea with milk and no sugar.

Then we discussed some business matters, but I won’t bother you with the details. :)

The executive set lunch at DOMVS costs $39 before taxes, which I think is rather worth it given the quality of the food and service. The place is very quiet and private too. I think it’d make the perfect place for a relatively inexpensive romantic lunch! :D

DOMVS, the Italian Restaurant
39 Scotts Road
Sheraton Towers Singapore
Singapore 228230
+65 6839 5622

NB Title of this entry was inspired by the movie The Italian Job.


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