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saveuring every mouthful

Some time ago, I told Kanghao that I’d treat him to dimsum for his birthday, and asked him to pick a place. I complained to him that whenever I treat someone, I would decide on the place, but whenever someone treats me, they’d ask me to decide on the place as well! And I would have to embark on quite a bit of research before settling on a venue. And he responded, rather surprisingly, ‘Haha. Why do u not like to be in control!’ And I thought, I never thought of it that way before!  So I shall take this positively from now on!

As the date drew nearer, I asked him if he had picked a place for dimsum, and he replied that he’d had it recently with his groupmates, and would prefer something else. I immediately suggested budget French food.

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Was planning to go and do my usual solitary diner thing after work last Friday (20 April), but my colleague D asked if she could tag along, and so I found myself a dinner companion. We went to – surprise, surprise! – Cedele in Great World City.

D ordered a pasta special promotion set. You could order any pasta, and it would come with a small bowl of soup and a drink.

D’s soup and drink came first!

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the solitary diner

Had an extremely stressful week, so I decided to reward myself with a slightly more luxurious lunch on Thursday 5 April. Went to Drips Bakery Cafe near my workplace. Ordered and took a seat at the back of the cafe, just like the first time I went there.

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a teeny weeny little bit more grown up

Just e-filed my taxes for the first time in my life!

Took less than ten minutes.

At this moment, I feel a teeny weeny little bit more grown up. :D

the dining room

On 12 April, my big boss M and colleague MS were supposed to go for a site visit at Sheraton Towers. There was space in M’s car so they asked YL and me to tag along. First M and MS went to check out the various venues available at Sheraton, then M treated us to lunch at The Dining Room, a restaurant located in the hotel.

M ordered nasi goreng istimewa, MS, fish and chips, and YL, some healthy fish dish with plenty of colourful vegetables. I felt like eating bread, so I ordered a chicken club sandwich.

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very punny

This afternoon, I was buying $4 worth of siew yok for lunch from this hawker uncle (who specializes in chicken rice) in Tiong Bahru Market.

He hadn’t chopped the siew yok up, so I quickly added, ‘Uncle, 不要淋汁 hor!’

And he replied, ‘没有淋汁,只有人参!’

Then he and his assistant started grinning broadly, and I was like huh???!!!

After a moment it hit me. He meant 灵芝!!! -_-”’

an amusing re!view

The other day, after finishing my review on Re!Fill Restaurant, I went to HungryGoWhere and checked the reviews on the same place. And I thought this one by Amusebouche was pretty amusing!

I shall Re!turn

21 April, 2011

When I was invited to Hotel Re! for dinner, I must admit I had low expectations. I had anticipated hotel food, mass-prepared, run-of-the-mill buffet food. And I am no fan of buffet food.

Boy, was I in for a surprise! From the minute I reached the hotel grounds, it was one whole series of pleasant surprises. First it’s free parking! Then a retro fitted old school transformed into a retro back to 60’s boutique hotel with good old fashioned warmth and hospitality in the form of friendly staff from waiters to managers to the chef, who welcomed us!!

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At the age of six I wanted to be a cook. At seven I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambition has been growing steadily ever since.

 Salvador Dali, The Secret Life of Salvador Dali

milo dinosaur roar!

Last Wednesday, colleague D and I decided to go to the nearest Challenger store (which is at Tiong Bahru Plaza) after work. Once we reached the mall, D said she wanted to grab dinner first so we popped into Prata Wala.

I was planning to go home for dinner so I decided to get a drink. Looked up and down the drinks menu and after some deliberation…… settled on a MILO DINOSAUR!!!!!! :D

When I was younger my parents would never allow me to order Milo dinosaurs, because they were too heaty, too fattening and too expensive. I was actually about to order some plain old teh peng when I suddenly realized that I’m now grown up and can order Milo dinosaurs!!! Whee!!! And so I did!!! For the very first time!!! :D

To be honest, there’s nothing spectacular about the taste of the drink, but the Milo powder heaped on top gives the icy cold Milo below an extra rich chocolatey edge. Definitely a fun drink. Slurp, slurp!

But at $3.20, it was more expensive than D’s bandung ($2.50, which she said was too sweet and couldn’t finish) or her two plain pratas with curry ($1.30 each, no idea about the taste but she finished both)!!!

Prata Wala
302 Tiong Bahru Road
Tiong Bahru Plaza
Singapore 168732
+65 6270 0113

a seafood dinner

Met colleague D for dinner last Sunday (1 April). We went to have seafood from this pretty famous zhi char stall called Mattar Road Seafood Barbecue in Old Airport Road Hawker Centre! (My family goes there pretty much every month.)

We only ordered two dishes cos there was only two of us!

First up, sambal stingray! The portion of stingray is large and fresh. And the sambal is spicy, savoury and absolutely delicious. I honestly think they’ve got the best sambal stingray in town. (Let me know if you’ve tasted better!)

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how hard can a velociraptor throw bananas?

Stumbled on this accidentally. What a hoot! From Yahoo! Answers:

Resolved Question

How hard can a velociraptor throw bananas?

My velociraptor throws bananas at me when i study i need to know how hard he throws so i can be ready

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

It all depends on how much practice he’s had. A professional velociraptor can throw bananas at up to about 85 mph, although the world record is over 115. Strangely, the best thing to do is to try and teach him to throw it harder. If he puts enough effort into the throw, the curved shape of the banana will cause it to boomerang back at him. This will discourage him from throwing more, as velociraptors don’t find it nearly as funny when they themselves are hit in the face. If this doesn’t work, get another raptor as company for him. They will be so preoccupied with throwing bananas at each other that they will forget about you and let you study in peace.

Asker’s Rating: *****

Indeed… It all makes sense now ill get right on that.

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Thank Goodness It’s The Thursday Before Good Friday!!! :D

p is for prada

Look at my new wallet……!!!!!!

Isn’t it beautiful? Yes, it’s from Prada, made of Saffiano leather and is gold gold gold!!!  :D

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