how hard can a velociraptor throw bananas?

Stumbled on this accidentally. What a hoot! From Yahoo! Answers:

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How hard can a velociraptor throw bananas?

My velociraptor throws bananas at me when i study i need to know how hard he throws so i can be ready

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It all depends on how much practice he’s had. A professional velociraptor can throw bananas at up to about 85 mph, although the world record is over 115. Strangely, the best thing to do is to try and teach him to throw it harder. If he puts enough effort into the throw, the curved shape of the banana will cause it to boomerang back at him. This will discourage him from throwing more, as velociraptors don’t find it nearly as funny when they themselves are hit in the face. If this doesn’t work, get another raptor as company for him. They will be so preoccupied with throwing bananas at each other that they will forget about you and let you study in peace.

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Indeed… It all makes sense now ill get right on that.

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1. Well one cannot simply answer this without a bit more information.

For starters, consider an average sized swallow carrying a coconut overseas. Its unladen velocity will be reduced due to a significantly increased mass.
Second, you must calculate the size of the velociraptor’s kneecaps. If you are an archer and if his knees are weak, that is your target.
Now dont forget that while people assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, it is actually a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff (when you look at it from a non-linear and non-subjective viewpoint).

Now what does all this have to do with bananas? Simple

See you must remember that retaliation with the same weapon is not recommended because of slightly lost mass. plus since the banana has low mass compared to a velociraptor, it will not hurt. a coconut will be good. the knee is self explanatory – hit it or the other weak spot and it will not be able to throw as well. and finally, given that time is not linear, you need to have several coconuts ready so you will have more to throw if he dodges


2. It depends how large your Velociraptor is. if he is over three feet tall, the average speed a banana will be thrown at is around 45 mph- about the speed everyone goes in a 40 mph zone. if he is under three foot, it will be on average about 30 mph. a good way to stop this all together is to buy a solid diamond cage, a really good lock on your door and no bananas in the house. for a cheaper alternative, give the Velociraptor away, or sell it on Velociraptor eBay. however, your Velociraptor could go to a bad home- I personally would not choose this option. Of course, you could always sell up and move to a house with a deep cellar- although this could prove expensive, and quite a waste of time. a good way to avoid the bananas is to study under a table. hope this helps :3

Velociraptor training volunteer

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