a seafood dinner

Met colleague D for dinner last Sunday (1 April). We went to have seafood from this pretty famous zhi char stall called Mattar Road Seafood Barbecue in Old Airport Road Hawker Centre! (My family goes there pretty much every month.)

We only ordered two dishes cos there was only two of us!

First up, sambal stingray! The portion of stingray is large and fresh. And the sambal is spicy, savoury and absolutely delicious. I honestly think they’ve got the best sambal stingray in town. (Let me know if you’ve tasted better!)

The next and final dish was chilli crab!

D insisted on ordering deep fried mantous to go with the chilli crab! (I think this is the first time I’ve had deep fried mantous with the chilli crab, cos my parents do not approve of deep fried food. Which is rather odd cos they’re fine with the occasional deep fried tofu dish……)

The chilli gravy was rich, eggy and super spicy and we ended up with really runny noses.  We actually ordered two small crabs but somehow it still ended up being a LOT of crab!!! But we managed to finish everything!!!

(My family usually orders the crab with vermicelli. The chilli crab is delicious but I think the vermicelli crab tastes better as this method of cooking allows one to taste the fresh sweetness of the crab better.)

Together with the seafood, we each had a bowl of rice, and finally washed everything down with a cup of sugarcane juice with lemon each. Naturally we were totally stuffed after that!

Mattar Road Seafood Barbecue
Blk 51
Old Airport Road
Old Airport Road Food Centre
Singapore 390051
+65 6447 2798


1 Response to “a seafood dinner”

  1. 1 yuki0302 Monday, 16 July, 2012 at 9:13 pm

    man tou and chilli crab! mouth watering combi

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