milo dinosaur roar!

Last Wednesday, colleague D and I decided to go to the nearest Challenger store (which is at Tiong Bahru Plaza) after work. Once we reached the mall, D said she wanted to grab dinner first so we popped into Prata Wala.

I was planning to go home for dinner so I decided to get a drink. Looked up and down the drinks menu and after some deliberation…… settled on a MILO DINOSAUR!!!!!! :D

When I was younger my parents would never allow me to order Milo dinosaurs, because they were too heaty, too fattening and too expensive. I was actually about to order some plain old teh peng when I suddenly realized that I’m now grown up and can order Milo dinosaurs!!! Whee!!! And so I did!!! For the very first time!!! :D

To be honest, there’s nothing spectacular about the taste of the drink, but the Milo powder heaped on top gives the icy cold Milo below an extra rich chocolatey edge. Definitely a fun drink. Slurp, slurp!

But at $3.20, it was more expensive than D’s bandung ($2.50, which she said was too sweet and couldn’t finish) or her two plain pratas with curry ($1.30 each, no idea about the taste but she finished both)!!!

Prata Wala
302 Tiong Bahru Road
Tiong Bahru Plaza
Singapore 168732
+65 6270 0113


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