the dining room

On 12 April, my big boss M and colleague MS were supposed to go for a site visit at Sheraton Towers. There was space in M’s car so they asked YL and me to tag along. First M and MS went to check out the various venues available at Sheraton, then M treated us to lunch at The Dining Room, a restaurant located in the hotel.

M ordered nasi goreng istimewa, MS, fish and chips, and YL, some healthy fish dish with plenty of colourful vegetables. I felt like eating bread, so I ordered a chicken club sandwich.

The sandwich tasted nice and healthy, and there was a generous portion of salad. But the various fillings (grilled chicken, fried egg, tomatoes and lettuce) were kinda bland together and tasted about the same (if that was even possible!). I think TCC’s version is still the best!

After that MS and YL decided to buy some desserts, so I decided to get a vanilla white chocolate tart. Ate it that evening after having dinner at home.

Yes, the tart is really cute and pretty! It was sweet enough and the soft mousse and hard tart shell made for an interesting mix of textures. However, I thought the mousse wasn’t rich enough, and the vanilla and chocolate flavours weren’t strong enough as well. Overall, somewhat disappointing.

The Dining Room
39 Scotts Road
Sheraton Towers Singapore
Singapore 228230
+65 6839 5621


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