saveuring every mouthful

Some time ago, I told Kanghao that I’d treat him to dimsum for his birthday, and asked him to pick a place. I complained to him that whenever I treat someone, I would decide on the place, but whenever someone treats me, they’d ask me to decide on the place as well! And I would have to embark on quite a bit of research before settling on a venue. And he responded, rather surprisingly, ‘Haha. Why do u not like to be in control!’ And I thought, I never thought of it that way before!  So I shall take this positively from now on!

As the date drew nearer, I asked him if he had picked a place for dimsum, and he replied that he’d had it recently with his groupmates, and would prefer something else. I immediately suggested budget French food.

So on 26 April, at around 5.50 pm, we found ourselves queueing outside Saveur in Purvis Street. There were about a dozen other groups in front of us.  Saveur had started life as a little stall in a coffeeshop at 125 East Coast Road, and had recently moved into bigger, better premises at Purvis Street. Wong Ah Yoke had reviewed the restaurant recently in the Straits Times (15 April 2012), so the resulting publicity had undoubtedly contributed to the queue, as did the fact that they do not take reservations.

While we were still in the queue, another dozen groups came and joined it. The queue got so long that it was blocking the entrance to a neighbouring shop, an atas-looking furniture store. Apparently they complained, because a Saveur staff came over to tell all of us to queue in the opposite direction.

And so we queued and queued and queued, and it was about 7 pm when we were finally seated. (The queue continued to grow while we were eating, and only abated close to 8 pm.) Quickly ordered cos we were super hungry. I had been hoping to try their rilettes, but to my disappointment, all of them had been sold out. Next time, then!

The restaurant was decorated simply in black and white. KH said it was a nice place but complained that the open kitchen was a rather thoughtless move, as it exposed customers to the cooking fumes. I found his complaint amusing until I got hit by a couple of blasts of something spicy later on.

Which shot is nicer? :)

KH’s main course: Angel Hair Pasta With Sherry Minced Pork And Sakura Ebi ($3.90).

I ate like two strands, and it was savoury enough. But it seemed like a pretty small portion to me. I didn’t really taste any pork too.

Shared starter: Pan Fried Foie Gras With Lentil And Pickled Onion 35g, which came after KH’s main course ($7.90)!

This was the first time either of us had tasted foie gras. Was a bit worried that it would taste awful cos most offal tastes awful to me. But…… no! I needn’t have worried, because the foie gras was rich and flavourful, and tasted like duck fat, but was much more chunky and substantial! But 35 g was rather little, should’ve ordered the 70 g one instead!

But the lentils were kinda dry and hard, and scraped the throat while going down. They didn’t seem to do much for the taste of the dish.

My main course: Confit Of Duck With Orange Segment And Sauté Shittake ($8.90).

This was really good! The meat was crispy on the outside and soft inside, and fell of the bone easily. The pieces of orange and shiitake added extra flavours to the dish.

Shared dessert: Textures Of Citrus ($6.90).

The dessert is rather interesting. It featured orange and grapefruit served fresh or made into granita or jelly, and also came with a few little mounds of some crunchy biscuit flakes. I found it a bit too sour, but I suppose the acidity could cut through the fatty fare one would have had. Overall, a refreshing dessert.

I went to to pay at the counter while KH was still at the table. Before the cashier could open her mouth, I had a feeling and immediately rushed back and asked KH, ‘What’s our table number?’ I went back to the counter, and the cashier asked, as I had predicted, ‘What is your table number?’ And I triumphantly replied, ‘Seven!’ Haha. :D

We were charged $0.40 per person for water. That may be a bugbear for some, but as Wong Ah Yoke wrote, ‘but just this once, I am not complaining … looking at the prices on the menu, one can hardly accuse the owners of being greedy’. (There was 7% GST but no 10% service charge.)

The prices are very reasonable and the food is great! Definitely worth a return visit! But only when the queues have abated!

5 Purvis Street
Singapore 188584
+65 6333 3121


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