the solitary diner

Last Friday (27 April), I felt like having bread for lunch, so off I went to Drips Bakery Cafe again!

Had a Norwegian smoked salmon sandwich.

Some people got the slit whole tomato (that I got on my last visit), but i only got half of one this time! :S

The smoked salmon was a little salty, but its saltiness was balanced out when eaten with the freshly baked bread and fresh vegetables. They had also put a couple of slices of red capsicum, which I don’t quite like, inside the sandwich. :S Overall, it was a nice sandwich but somewhat one note. I think the chicken and portobello mushroom sandwich and ham and cheese croissant I had on my previous visits tasted better.

And for dessert, baked cherry brandy tart!

The cherries were sweet and juicy but I wished they could have used more of them, and didn’t taste any brandy at all. The crust is moreish and I also quite liked the texture of the hard yellow cake-ish custard (?) that the cherries sat on. Overall, not too bad, but I think their fruit tarts are better.

They’ve moved their normal wooden tables and stools to the front of the cafe, and their cosy sofa sets to the back. I wonder why?

Shall aim to try the other cafes in the vicinity the next time! :D

Drips Bakery Cafe
82 Tiong Poh Road
Singapore 160082
+65 6222 0400


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