lunch at lenas

My family and I, minus my dad, went to LENAS at a nearby mall for lunch today, on my sister’s recommendation. This LENAS outlet is rather small, especially when compared to their branch in Bugis Junction.

Fried chicken wings!

The fried chicken wings weren’t too bad. But then I think it is hard to go wrong with fried chicken, as long as the ingredients are reasonably fresh and the chicken is still piping hot when brought to the table.

My brother ordered spaghetti with ham in cream sauce.

This was quite good. The pasta was al dente and I liked the creamy sauce.

We shared a mushroom, ham and olives pizza.

The crust was thin and nice but the toppings had a strange aftertaste.

We also shared a grilled dory with mushroom sauce, baked potato and coleslaw.

The fish was tender enough but tasted better without the mushroom sauce. The other items were nice but not spectacular. They gave quite generous portions of everything, which made this dish pretty value for money.

My brother wanted dessert! He ordered fried banana fritters with ice cream.

I only took a tiny nibble of one fritter as I don’t really like bananas. It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. But I think my brother enjoyed it, though.

LENAS has a very extensive menu, but it seems quite a number of items were unavailable. After we had made our orders, we were informed twice that two of the items were unavailable and had to order other things instead. It is not surprising if this particular LENAS outlet serves a more limited menu due to its smaller size, but the management should come up with a special compact menu then.

Anyway, LENAS in a nutshell: very slightly above average food at very slightly above average prices. We probably won’t return……

10 Tampines Central 1
Tampines 1
Singapore 529536
+65 6783 6338


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