eating our way through a saturday

Made a new friend yesterday!

Had arranged to meet Joanne at Marutama Ramen at the Central at 2.30 pm, and she would be bringing her friend Serena. In the end I was half an hour late, and by the time I reached the restaurant, Joanne and Serena were finishing their ramen and extra order of cha shu.

So I quickly ordered a bowl of their the eponymous Marutama ramen!

The ramen still tasted as good as I had remembered. The noodles were QQ and the soup was bursting with flavour. 只不过好像缺少了点什么 (but it seemed like something was missing)…… On reflection, I think the ramen wasn’t hot enough (it was just warm), and I forgot to add one of their famous ajitsuke tamago (perfectly boiled eggs)!!!

While we were eating and chatting, the conversation somehow turned to birthdays. And we found out that Serena and I were born on the same day, same month and same year! (But I am slightly older as I was born earlier in the day!) What is the probability of meeting a new friend with the exactly the same birthday? :D

Marutama Ramen
8 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central
Singapore 059818
+65 6534 8090

After lunch, we decided to go watch a movie. We MRTed down to Dhoby Ghaut and stopped by YMCA so that Joanne and Serena could sign up for their Zumba class. Then we went to the ground floor box office at Cathay Cineleisure, and enquired about Men in Black 3 (MIB 3), and were informed that there were only front row tickets left.

So we gave up and decided to go get ice cream instead! Frozen yogurt (froyo) from Frolick (pretty cool site, I must say!). This was the very first time I had froyo, as I’ve always preferred traditional ice cream!

My froyo (left) and Joanne’s!

Both Joanne and Serena topped their froyo with Oreo bits, whereas I opted for chocolate syrup.

After I took my first mouthful, 我发现无论加什么配料都是画蛇添足的 (I realized that any topping would have been superfluous), because the froyo was totally perfect on its own! It was fruity and tangy enough, although I couldn’t quite figure out what fruit flavour it actually was! Curiously, when I ate the froyo with the chocolate syrup, the mixture left a mint-like refreshing aftertaste in my m0uth. Food chemistry at work?

2 Handy Road
The Cathay
Singapore 229233

After our froyo, we decided to walk over to Plaza Singapura to try our luck at their box office instead. Alas, they had only front row seats left for MIB 3 as well! But as we were bored and had nothing else to do, we decided to get the tickets! And spent two hours with our necks craned up! And everything on the screen looked a bit distorted! Naturally, never again! Haha.

MIB 3 was pretty good. I thought the story tied in very nicely with the first two Men in Black movies. Josh Brolin made a perfect young Agent K. He imitated Tommy Lee Jones’ (old Agent K) mannerisms perfectly! For humour, there were the requisite ridiculous run-ins with rampaging aliens and a little bit of racial humour (very well played) thrown in as well. The death of Agent J’s father near the end was particularly moving and I teared a bit as well.

After the movie, we decided to go have tau huay! So we walked to this tau huay place a few streets away. We made our orders downstairs and then went up this dilapidated staircase to find seats in a sparsely furnished room upstairs. It felt like we were going into a hidden back room to buy pirated VCDs or fake designer goods, haha!

Dilapidated staircase on the right!

Joanne treated Serena and I to tau huay! Thanks dear!!! :D

The tau huay was good. It was smooth enough and not too sweet.

And she got a cup of soya bean milk and a youtiao for herself. Didn’t try the soya bean milk but the youtiao was very crispy and not too oily!

Rochor Original Beancurd
2 Short Street
Singapore 188211
+65 6334 1138

We certainly spent most of our time eating our way through a Saturday!!! :D


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