a leisurely tuesday afternoon

On Monday 30 April, I mused aloud to colleague M, wondering why so many people had taken the day off. M replied that it was a holiday the next day. Yes, I had forgotten that the first of May was Labour Day, a holiday!!! And I had no plans for it!!!

I immediately messaged some friends, and Jaewai replied that she needed to brainstorm for a fundraising project. I said that I could help her, and we could spend the afternoon at some cafe. I suggested Wimbly Lu in Jalan Riang.

So the following afternoon on 1 May, we met at Lorong Chuan MRT and took an approximately ten-minute walk to Wimbly Lu, located in a row of shophouses in a private housing estate somewhere near Nanyang JC.

The cafe was completely full. We managed to get a table within five minutes, cos I had wisely made a reservation but it had almost lapsed by the time we reached the place.

Our drinks came first ($6 each)! Jaewai ordered a latte (left) which she didn’t quite enjoy. I ordered an iced chocolate which came topped with a little mountain of whipped cream. It was rich and chocolatey, a decadent drink indeed. I enjoyed it immensely!

We also shared pancakes with toffee sauce and cheesecake ice cream ($5).

The pancakes were light, fluffy and pretty good. The toffee sauce tasted curiously reminiscent of lemon but there was way too little of it! Nothing spectacular about the ice cream, which tasted barely like cheesecake.

I had runny nose and was feeling a bit under the weather so I insisted Jaewai get her own plate. Love their plates!

The cafe is decorated in a quaint retro style, which I quite like. The tables are arranged cheek by jowl so there was barely any space to move around. And the two girls in the table on my left talked so loudly I could barely hear myself. Was super glad when they finally left, haha! :P

The main grouse I had was with the service. It was friendly but clueless. The wait staff kept serving food to the wrong tables. We got some other table’s food and some other table got ours. The staff were apologetic but still! When I suggested to one staff that they could perhaps number the tables, she replied that they did but it was a confusing system or something. Well then they should rectify it asap!

Nevertheless Jaewai and I enjoyed our time at Wimbly Lu. We spent a few hours there and managed to come up with quite a number of ideas for her fundraising project. And somehow along the way, I had been shanghaied into becoming part of the project team. :P

Before we left I decided to buy a few pastries home.

They specialize in chocolates but I decided to buy two eclairs ($3 each) and a lemon meringue tart ($6). The cream in the eclairs was kind of weak and not rich enough. The lemon meringue tart were better than the eclairs but I thought the meringue was too soft and not crispy enough.

Wimbly Lu is definitely a nice place to spend a leisurely afternoon! I would definitely go back, but unfortunately the place is a bit far from where I live and a little troublesome to get to.

Wimbly Lu Chocolates
15-2 Jalan Riang
Singapore 358987
+65 6289 1489


3 Responses to “a leisurely tuesday afternoon”

  1. 1 dobberina Monday, 4 June, 2012 at 10:32 pm

    I live VERY near here I think but I have absolutely no idea where it is!

  1. 1 a little reunion of sorts « q u i r k y h i l l Trackback on Thursday, 16 August, 2012 at 1:05 am

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