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a little reunion of sorts

Arranged to meet Jaewai, Joanne and Patricia, who are all my lower secondary classmates, for dinner at Drips Bakery Cafe on Wednesday (27 June). Bumped into Jaewai while I was making my way to Drips. We got there around 7 pm, and were half an hour early. We waited and waited and waited for Joanne and Patricia. Eventually we were so hungry that we ordered first. While we were halfway through our food, Joanne and Patricia finally arrived at 8 pm!

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chicken chop

It was the last day of my two-day course at the British Council branch in HDB Hub yesterday. As usual, we broke for lunch in the middle of the day.

HDB Hub has a great variety of eateries, so customers are spoilt for choice. The bad thing was that I couldn’t make up my mind. I had a fish burger meal at Mos Burger the previous day, and I didn’t want fast food again.

Finally I decided to check out one of their food courts, called Gourmet Paradise. Decided to order from the western stall, With a Pinch of Salt, so that I could have something low carb. I’ve been to With a Pinch of Salt’s main branch at 297 Tanjong Katong Road and the food wasn’t bad, so I thought that it would also be good here.

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skincare from laneige

Had been using products  from shu uemura for my skincare routine for the second half of 2011. So when 2012 rolled around, I decided to try something different. Looked at the various cosmetic brands available in the mall near my home, and finally settled on Laneige. The beauty advisor at the Laneige counter suggested that I get three basic products: toner, essence and moisturizer.

After using the Laneige products for about half a year, I think I can give a quick review.

Toner: Power Essential Skin Refiner (Light) (left). This is refreshing on the skin and has a nice light scent.

Essence: Power Water Bank Essence (right). According to the Laneige website, it is a ’24-hour long-lasting moisture essence that contains mineral water for skin regeneration and Water Pump System for moisture circulation to safeguard skin moisture and hold it in to leave the skin moisturized and smooth’.  Felt and smelt like any normal moisturizer though. Anyway, this product was the first to run out and I did not repurchase. Used just the toner and moisturizer and saw no discernible difference in my skin.

Moisturizer:  Power Water Bank Gel Cream (left). Glides on smoothly and smells good as well. But I didn’t like that it came in a jar instead of say, a pump dispenser as it is less hygienic. Anyway,  whenever I used this moisturizer, my face would start to feel a bit oily again after a couple of hours. Poor oil control.

In conclusion, I think I would only repurchase the toner again. :P

on course

Went on the very first course of my working life from yesterday to today. The course, Project Management Essentials, was held at the British Council branch in HDB Hub.

11 people attended the class, and we sat in three large groups. A majority were from the public service.

The instructor, Kate, did a bit of lecturing, using an amazing interactive touchscreen whiteboard. (You needed to use a special pen to do the touching, though!) I had never seen anything like that before! And the 11 of us went through a whole gamut of activities, activities and more activities, both group and individual, and all rather fun, designed to underline the principles taught.

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homemade durian cakes

Happy birthday to my sister!!!

Photo taken by my sister!

My mum made this birthday cake for her on Tuesday, which we cut and ate on the same day. The cake contained layers of sponge cake and durian cream, and was covered by a layer of fresh cream. This was my mum’s first cream cake ever! The sponge cake was a little on the dense side and the fresh cream icing wasn’t stiff enough, but overall a pretty good first attempt.

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somehow, something which really bugged me

Read this interview of local publisher Fong Hoe Fang by Clarissa Oon in the Straits Times last month, and somehow, something in the second paragraph really bugged me:

A new chapter, The Straits Times, Life! , 21 May 2012, page C6

Oon describes Fong as a ‘sociology graduate from the National University of Singapore [NUS] who had majored in social work’. Not sure if this was an error in writing, editing, or both, because it really doesn’t make sense. Does Oon even realize that Sociology and Social Work aren’t even the same thing? Cos when you’re a Sociology graduate, you would have majored in Sociology!

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and it’s a treat!

Ex-colleague Nelly left us at the end of March and started a new job soon after. When the dust had finally settled, she treated me to dinner at Cedele in Raffles City on Friday (22 June)! A nice way to end the working week!

This particular Cedele outlet is tucked away in a hidden corner of the shopping centre and was somewhat challenging to find! :P But it’s small and probably the coziest Cedele I’ve been to!

We both ordered sandwiches for mains!

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on knowledge






what i really do: the public officer edition

I’m no public officer but I still found this extremely entertaining!

from here

Personally I think the last image should have shown an archery board instead of a dartboard! :P

Anyway, while typing this entry, I was wondering what a ‘public officer’ was exactly, and so did a bit of googling. Apparently, in local terminology, ‘public officers’ are those employed in the ’15 Ministries and more than 50 Statutory Boards’, while ‘civil servants’ refer specifically to those employed in the 15 ministries.

happy father’s day!

To celebrate Father’s Day, my sister bought a chocolate cake from the Yamazaki bakery nearby. I had no idea it was Father’s Day today, and anyway my dad usually doesn’t give a damn about such events.

Alas, the cake was dense, dry and hard, and the chocolate icing was also rather dry and hard. The sister opined that the cake might have tasted better if the cake had not been refrigerated, but aren’t such cakes meant to be, anyway? Strange how the cake doesn’t keep well in the fridge! But curiously enough, on first mouthful, the cake tasted rather blah, but the more you ate, the better it tasted.

Nevertheless, I doubt we’ll be going back to Yamazaki for their chocolate cakes any time soon. I think Rive Gauche, Awfully Chocolate and Four Leaves make wayyy better ones!

Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude
10 Tampines Central 1
Tampines 1
Singapore 529536

+65 6260 5909

a very interesting lunch

Today, three doctors from Indonesia, all officials from Indonesian Medical Association, flew over to Singapore just for the afternoon to meet our doctors. (Sounds pretty neat right!)

So we hosted them to lunch at The Rice Table, a small Indonesian restaurant hidden on the second floor of an unassuming building in Orchard Road called International Building.

As soon as everyone was seated, the wait staff placed a variety of dishes on warmers on the table, and served everyone with white rice from a big basket. I asked for a reaaally tiny portion of rice because I wanted to reserve stomach space for all the dishes! :D

Look at the spread we had!!!

From left: sambal prawns, lady’s fingers, sayur lodeh, chicken satay and chicken curry.

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the solitary diner

Went to Caffe Pralet for lunch on Monday (11 June), as a treat for myself due to the busy week ahead. Ordered a set meal comprising of a drink, a main course and a dessert for $15.

When the cashier asked me what drink I wanted, I answered ‘coke’ before I could even stop myself. Haha.

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counting down the days

One more month!!!

a passage to india

Travel company Country Holidays is my colleague LL’s client and they invited her to an event called A Passage to India on 29 May. She asked me along, and I asked colleague D along. So after work that day, LL drove us to the Mandarin Orchard Hotel where the event was being held. Country Holidays specializes in luxury tours, and the event was meant to promote their tours to (where else?) India.

When we got out of the lift, staff wearing traditional Indian costumes sprinkled flower petals on us! They even had two musicians seated on a low platform in a corner. One played two tablas while the other was on the sitar.

The wait staff went around bearing trays of drinks and canapes. Alas, some of the canapes tasted rather weird. They also had a small buffet of three dishes: chicken malai tikka, spinach paneer and briyani. I took small portions at first as I wasn’t sure how they would taste. And was I pleasantly surprised!

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a japanese lunch and tea

6 April was Good Friday and both Joanne and I were free, so we went out for lunch! J suggested a place that she had been to previously. We met in Clarke Quay, somewhere next to the Singapore River. It had just rained and the air was clean and fresh. I felt like I had entered a park full of greenery – completely different from what it is at night.

Then we took a bus from outside Liang Court (one stop, lol) and walked to Chikuwa Tei in River Valley. My very first time dining in that area!

We’d made a reservation but needn’t have bothered as it was past 2 pm when we reached the restaurant and it was barely half full.

They served each of us a complimentary starter!

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