the solitary diner

On the spur of the moment, decided to try The Orange Thimble for lunch on Tuesday 29 May. I remember that there used to be a store that sold sewing supplies where the cafe now is!

I was given a buzzer (rather heavy for its size!) which vibrated madly when my order was ready.

Main course: The B.B.C (bacon, brie and cranberry) sandwich ($8.50).

Filling-wise, the streaky bacon went pretty well with the smooth brie and slightly sweet cranberry sauce. However, the bread was a bit too hard and dry.

The sandwich came with some potato salad on the side. The pieces of potato were were hard and crunchy and not very well cooked. They were also coated with a very liquid sauce (mayonnaise?), and did not look very appetizing at all.

A sandwich served with potato salad is total carbohydrate overload and rather heavy on the palate. They should have served a simple garden salad with this sandwich instead.

The sandwiches from Drips Cafe, located nearby, are more expensive but WAYYY better!

Dessert: Hazelnut Dacquoise, made of Valrhona chocolate sandwiched by hazelnut meringue ($6.50).

The hazelnut meringue was hard and chewy, unlike the soft and crispy ones that I’ve tried elsewhere. And the chocolate was pretty hard as well. (I think chocolate in desserts usually taste best when they’re moist and creamy.) I love chocolate but didn’t like this dessert.

The cafe also holds little art exhibitions from time to time, and displays the art on its walls.

Overall, I found the food rather disappointing. Would I return? Perhaps, to try their other food, which look delicious enough, or their drinks, which they are famous for.

The Orange Thimble
56 Eng Hoon Street
Singapore 160056
+65 6223 8068


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