an exciting encounter

Last Friday was the third and last day of the alldressedup warehouse sale at their office in Ubi, and it was supposed to end at 7 pm, so I took the afternoon off. Made my way down there hoping that there were still nice things to buy. (The first and only previous time I went to their warehouse sales was in March 2010.)

The sale took up two rooms. The outer room was mainly accessories, shoes, bags, and a couple of racks of clothes, and the inner room was just clothes, clothes and more clothes. Only a few customers were there.

The range of accessories was rather limited and one of the staff there (a girl about my age) informed me that they had been pretty much sold out on the first day of the sale, which had been quite crowded. Felt a tinge of disappointment, as I’d been hoping to score some of those unusual Vice & Vanity for alldressedup accessories (scroll to the end) from spring last year. Note to self: no pain no gain – gotta brave the crowds for the best stuff! :P

Then I went into the inner room and proceeded to try on maybe 20 to 30 pieces of clothing. The staff kept passing me new pieces to try! Eventually, I whittled down my selection to two pieces.

And the two pieces I chose were these: a black silk shell and a blue draped viscose skirt!

Yes I know they look really shapeless but they look great on me and the crumpledness is nothing a good ironing won’t fix! :P

Anyway, after making my picks, I plopped down on a sofa next to the cashier’s for a breather. And then, who should walk in but the amazing Tina Tan-Leo (TTL) and her husband Lionel Leo (who own alldressedup)!!!

When she passed the sofa, she said hi to me! And I smiled back! Previously, I’d only seen photos of her, and she seemed somewhat taller, but she’s really petite in reality. (Meanwhile, her husband’s really tall!)  She was wearing a black dress and one of those Vice & Vanity for alldressedup necklaces. Her makeup was a little a bit thick, but she looked rather distinguished. And she rushed around like a busy little bee. (Rather unexpectedly, I heard her speaking Chinese, and her husband speaking Cantonese.)

According to one of the staff (the girl my age), TTL came back to the office to celebrate her birthday with the staff! Some time later we heard people singing ‘Happy Birthday’ loudly inside. (The alldressedup office has an open concept so you can hear everything clearly, and so, I assume, nobody dares to talk bad about anyone else.)
So when I was queueing to pay, she came out to talk to the staff at the counter, and she said hi to me again, I wished her ‘happy birthday’ and she replied ‘oh thank you’ in a pleasantly surprised tone. :D

While I was still queueing, TTL bustled inside, came out again, went to the counter, and looked at what I was buying. She unfolded the black blouse, and I told her that they should do this blouse in other colours cos it was really nice. She answered, ‘We have other styles too!’ Then she immediately went inside and got another black blouse and a white one to show me. I replied that I preferred the cutting of the one I picked (naturally!).

After I paid and was about to leave, TTL said, ‘Enjoy your purchases!’ Then she suddenly asked me if I’m on their mailing list and I replied that I wasn’t sure, so she asked me if I get emails and I replied, ‘OH yes i do, so I’m on the list!’ (I was clearly aware that I’d gotten emails about this sale and previous ones, so it must have been the excitement talking!)

I’d brought a bangle I bought at their warehouse sale in two years ago (the black one seen here). One of the studs had fallen off, so when I first arrived at the sale, I asked the staff if they were able to fix it, but they checked and informed me that they didn’t have such studs anymore.

So I took it out, showed it TTL and asked if she could do anything about it. She asked me to give her my particulars, and that ‘customer care will get back to you if they can’, and so I did. After that I wrote down ‘bangle has missing stud’ and when she saw that, she laughed. :D

To be honest I think the bangle can’t be fixed cos it was from 2008 (although I bought it in 2010) and the staff already told me they don’t have any studs left, but well, still crossing my fingers! But props to TTL for great customer relations.
Anyhow, TTL told me she has the same bangle :) and a couple of the studs fell out as well, but she still wears it as it is! She exclaimed, ‘Nobody notices anyway!’ So if she can wear a damaged bangle, so can I!!! :D

Finally she shook my hand and said ‘enjoy your purchases’ once again. I also wished her ‘happy birthday’ again and thanked her. And I left the place with an extra spring in my step.

I know you’re wondering what’s the big fuss about meeting TTL and why I even wrote a whole ton about her above, but the truth is that I first read an article about her in a magazine when I was about eight, and have greatly admired her since then!!! She’s one of my few idols!!! (I’m sure you have your own heroes as well!!!) So that’s why I was super excited to meet her and talk to her!!! And I was super glad I did, because TTL is so nice and has completely no airs!!! I swear I’m in love!!! LOL.

Gosh I’m such a fangirl.


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