crab stock ramen

Colleague D told me that she wanted to bring me to try this really nice ramen place, so on Wednesday (6 June), we made our way down to Keisuke Tokyo in Millenia Walk (MW).

(MW was rather deserted, with few shoppers around. Granted, it was a weekday night and MW has never been the most happening mall around, but I do hope they get far more business during the weekends!)

After we were seated, the staff handed each of us a slip of paper (which looks like this) so that we could choose how we wanted to customize our ramen. D said that the crab stock ramen was very good, so we both ordered that with egg, and I opted for more onions and chicken oil.

Look at the amount of condiments on each table!

On the left is a jar of beansprouts. D said that they were very addictive, and of course I didn’t believe her at first. How can beansprouts ever be addictive?! But once I tried them, I understood why. They were mildly, mildly spicy and very crunchy. One scoop would definitely not be enough! I think Daphne ate a few platefuls while I was at the washroom! :P

Ordered a pot of green tea ($3.80). (You can see D munching on the beansprouts in the background! :) )

And yay, our ramen ($15.80) finally arrived!

I was somewhat surprised to see that the noodles were rather thick, as I was used to the thin noodles from Marutama Ramen. I found the noodles were a bit on the chewy side. But the crab stock was very good! It was rich and flavourful, and would not seem out of place if served alone (but with some toppings added to dress it up a bit), before a main course! The pork had the right amount of fat, and the egg was perfectly boiled. The other ingredients like the bamboo shoots, fish cake and seaweed added extra flavours and textures to the dish. No idea what the red wiry thing is though! I ate it, but it didn’t particularly taste of anything! :P

This ramen is quite nice, but I think I still prefer ramen served in simpler, less rich and cleaner tasting soups. :P

Keisuke Tokyo
9 Raffles Boulevard
Parco Marina Bay
Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596
+65 6337 7919


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