a passage to india

Travel company Country Holidays is my colleague LL’s client and they invited her to an event called A Passage to India on 29 May. She asked me along, and I asked colleague D along. So after work that day, LL drove us to the Mandarin Orchard Hotel where the event was being held. Country Holidays specializes in luxury tours, and the event was meant to promote their tours to (where else?) India.

When we got out of the lift, staff wearing traditional Indian costumes sprinkled flower petals on us! They even had two musicians seated on a low platform in a corner. One played two tablas while the other was on the sitar.

The wait staff went around bearing trays of drinks and canapes. Alas, some of the canapes tasted rather weird. They also had a small buffet of three dishes: chicken malai tikka, spinach paneer and briyani. I took small portions at first as I wasn’t sure how they would taste. And was I pleasantly surprised!

The chicken was mildly spicy and had a very nice earthy taste. The briyani was flavourful but not overly rich. But I enjoyed the spinach paneer the most. The creamed spinach was smooth and went very well with the chunks of paneer cheese. I took two more helpings of it! :D

Wondered if they’d gotten a special caterer but as I didn’t see any cards at the buffet table, I concluded that they had done everything in-house.

After that all the attendees settled down to listen to this guy, a descendant of Rajasthan royalty, speak about the attractions of India. It was a pretty fascinating talk, and made me really feel like visiting India! The ancient Indian royals led extremely luxurious lives. He mentioned that some royal even used a diamond as a paperweight!


2 Responses to “a passage to india”

  1. 1 Jared Seah Sunday, 17 June, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    Bring lots of “Po Chai” pills.

    I’ve been to Bombay and New Dehli; but although I never ate street food and was very careful to eat only in restaurants/hotels, both times I got “bombay belly”.


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