the solitary diner

Went to Caffe Pralet for lunch on Monday (11 June), as a treat for myself due to the busy week ahead. Ordered a set meal comprising of a drink, a main course and a dessert for $15.

When the cashier asked me what drink I wanted, I answered ‘coke’ before I could even stop myself. Haha.

Main course: roasted chicken and avocado sandwich.

The wholemeal bread was soft enough, and the creamy avocado went well with the roasted chicken. But the chicken was a little hard and had, alas, no skin! The best part of roasted chicken is the skin!

I also really enjoyed the dressing they used in the salad. It was tangy and citrusy with a slightly spicy edge. No idea what they put in it but it was really appetizing and made me gobble up all my greens in a trice.

Dessert: red velvet cake.

I admit – I chose it because its bright colour attracted me. That radioactive shade of red – definitely not one that appears in nature! Nevertheless, the fact that the colour of the cake probably came from a bottle doesn’t really faze me, as I don’t believe that what is natural is necessarily good, or what is unnatural, necessarily bad.

The cake is sweet and moist enough, but that is it – there is no depth of flavour. It is just sweet and moist enough. I think they didn’t add the requisite cocoa powder. A slightly thicker coat of icing with a slightly stronger taste of cream cheese would be great as well.

Caffe Pralet
17 Eng Hoon Street
Eng Hoon Mansions
Singapore 169767
+65 6223 5595


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