a very interesting lunch

Today, three doctors from Indonesia, all officials from Indonesian Medical Association, flew over to Singapore just for the afternoon to meet our doctors. (Sounds pretty neat right!)

So we hosted them to lunch at The Rice Table, a small Indonesian restaurant hidden on the second floor of an unassuming building in Orchard Road called International Building.

As soon as everyone was seated, the wait staff placed a variety of dishes on warmers on the table, and served everyone with white rice from a big basket. I asked for a reaaally tiny portion of rice because I wanted to reserve stomach space for all the dishes! :D

Look at the spread we had!!!

From left: sambal prawns, lady’s fingers, sayur lodeh, chicken satay and chicken curry.

From left: forgot what this was (beef?), grilled chicken and fish otak.

From left: tauhu telor, beef rendang, fried fish and kangkong belachan.

Everything was pretty good but I enjoyed the fried fish and tauhu telor (fried tofu with egg coating) the most!

We were also each given a bowl of chicken soup. There was also two types of pickles: Indonesian fruit salad (top) and pickled cucumber.

All the dishes are free flow, so you can order as much of anything as you want. :)

Washed down everything with a refreshing glass of lime juice!

I enjoyed the lunch very much. Hope to make a return visit, but with friends instead, so that I can eat freely to my heart’s content! :P

The Rice Table
360 Orchard Road
International Building
Singapore 238869
+65 6835 3782

After lunch, my big boss M asked me to go and reserve seats in the TCC outlet on the ground floor. So I went downstairs, reserved a long table, and smsed M: ‘Ok table secured’. (Later, when everyone else came, M told me he had been rather amused by my sms as it was very army! :P)

Everyone ordered drinks, and I ordered a chocolate frappe.

The doctors started their discussion and M, my direct boss G and I sat by listening.

It was sometime past 4 pm when M, G and I finally returned to the office!

360 Orchard Road
International Building
Singapore 238869
+65 6732 3696


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