a little reunion of sorts

Arranged to meet Jaewai, Joanne and Patricia, who are all my lower secondary classmates, for dinner at Drips Bakery Cafe on Wednesday (27 June). Bumped into Jaewai while I was making my way to Drips. We got there around 7 pm, and were half an hour early. We waited and waited and waited for Joanne and Patricia. Eventually we were so hungry that we ordered first. While we were halfway through our food, Joanne and Patricia finally arrived at 8 pm!

I ordered an iced chocolate ($6). Sadly, it tasted like very diluted Milo. (The iced chocolate at Wimbly Lu costs the same but is TONS nicer!)

I had a Norwegian smoked salmon croissant sandwich. Asked them to remove the capsicum that they usually add. The smoked salmon and veggies were all very fresh. I think they tinkered with the dressing used in the sandwich as it tasted slightly different and fresher and pulled all the ingredients in the filling together. Delicious!

Jaewai also had Norwegian smoked salmon sandwich, but with normal bread. The crusts were completely charred! Told her to get it changed, but she said she didn’t mind, though. (Tomato and three slices of cucumber hidden behind the sandwich!)

Joanne had the same sandwich as Jaewai, and Patricia had a roast beef sandwich which I didn’t photograph.

Then everyone (except me, cos I was pretty full) wanted dessert, so they traipsed over to the counter to check out what was left. Alas, all the fruit tarts had sold out, and only cinnamon egg tarts were left, so they ordered one!

I tried a small piece. It tastes rich and eggy but the taste of cinnamon isn’t strong.

Rather curiously, more people came in as the night grew darker. And we sat there chatting until it was well past their closing time of 9.30 pm. The staff were really nice and didn’t chase us out until it was almost 10.

I see Jaewai pretty frequently and met up with Joanne a couple of times this year, but only bumped into Patricia sporadically during our uni days as we were in different faculties. Meanwhile, Joanne and Patricia meet quite often. But Jaewai has not seen both of them since she was about 16.

So this was really a little RG 207 ’01 reunion of sorts. :D

Drips Bakery Cafe
82 Tiong Poh Road
Singapore 160082
+65 6222 0400


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