forever 21

The Medical Dinner 2012, organized by the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, was held at Merchant Court Hotel on 3 July 2012 (a Tuesday, which was an odd day to hold such an event, but anyway!).

My company bought a table at the dinner, so that evening, five of us went down to fill half the table. (The other remaining five seats were occupied by colleague GE’s guests and Dr BW and her friend.) The small banquet hall was extremely crowded with tables placed cheek by jowl, leaving little space to walk around. Was rather pleased to see that we got a table right next to the stage!

Naturally I was glad to be able to enjoy a free eight-course dinner, but alas, the food was really quite average. But the best dishes of the night were the yam ring with prawns, and vegetables with mushroom and wolfberries!

The yam was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and the prawns were fresh and crunchy.

The vegetables and mushrooms were also fresh, and well cooked in a thoroughly delectable gravy.

Had never seen so many ginna (Hokkien: children), I mean medical students, at a dinner. They were all over the place! :P Even the emcees were medical students. During the course of the dinner, the emcees invited fellow students onstage to compete against each other in three different games. The first involved sorting a mixture of candies (M&Ms?) into the different colours, the next, inflating balloons and releasing the air inside to knock down towers of plastic cups, and the last, dressing up a teammate with exaggerated clothes and accessories for a ‘pageant’. All extremely lame, but extremely entertaining to watch.

After that, my sister’s ex-university mate Sin Yong performed magic. During the first part, while he was doing tricks using balls, he spoke more and more quickly until we were all confused by what he was saying. Perhaps it was done on purpose as a diversion? In the second part, he demonstrated his amazing ability to toss poker cards to the far ends of the banquet hall. Impressive, though I thought that was more skill than magic.

My sister and some of her ex-university mates (but now her colleagues) also attended the dinner, but they were seated at tables in the periphery, haha. So after the dinner, I went over to find her. Her magician friend Sin Yong was also there. Seeing me standing there, he asked, ‘Julia, is this your sister? Year 3?’

I was really amused by that! So I look four years younger than I really am? His words really made my day!!! :D

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