My sister had her Commencement at the University Cultural Centre in NUS this afternoon! Congratulations!!!

She brought along a bouquet she had made herself, and which I had sponsored the flowers for.

Each graduand was given two tickets for the ceremony, so my dad and mum went and seated themselves first while my brother and I had to queue for extra tickets. :/ Quite a while later, we got the tickets, but the main hall was full, so we sat in the gallery on the second floor, away from our parents.

They made some pretty nice improvements to the programme since my Commencement in 2010. For example, after the requisite introductory speeches were made, they screened a rather cute multimedia video featuring photos of the graduands in action during their school days.

She was the very last one to receive her scroll (only because the two guys behind her in the register had failed the exam :S ), so she got the loudest applause of all! :P

The ceremony was for the graduands of three different (but somewhat related!) schools, so there were three valedictorians in all, one from each school!

After that we made our way to the nearby NUHS Tower Block for a post-Commencement party on the open rooftop, organized by her faculty! Alas, strong winds and a persistent drizzle drove most of us indoors. Still, I enjoyed the barbecued food, snacks and alcohol!

And OH it will be my brother’s turn in four years’ time!!! ♥


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