a little gem of a place

My dad was cycling around the neighbourhood when he discovered a little eatery located in the void deck of a nearby block. So he brought the whole family (minus my sister) there for dinner today. The eatery is called F. P. C.  Seafood and sells zhi char. (F. P. C. presumably stands for Fish, Prawn and Crab, since their Chinese name is 鱼虾蟹海鲜.) It’s run by a couple and their daughter who’s in polytechnic.

We ordered four dishes!

Chicken done Thai-style, ie, deep fried and then drenched with sweet chilli sauce! The chicken was nice and crispy, and went very well with the sweet chilli sauce.

Hotplate tofu, which was chockful of ingredients!

Kailan stir fried in oyster sauce!

And butter prawns! Which were so crunchy that I ate the shells!!! :D

Reasonably good food at reasonable prices, F. P. C. Seafood is truly a little gem of a place!

F. P. C. Seafood
Blk 267
Tampines Street 21
Singapore 520267
+65  6781 6511


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