a very exciting lunch

So on Saturday 7 July, the day of my sister’s commencement (here, here and here!), my family reached the NUS University Cultural Centre (UCC)  two hours before  the ceremony was scheduled to start.

When we entered UCC, the reception for that morning’s commencement was still going on. To my mum’s incredulousness, her husband and son were so famished that they immediately went over to the buffet, took plates and helped themselves to whatever food was left. Naturally, she complained to one of her daughters (ie, me) and stalked off to the restaurant situated at the back of UCC, with the rest of us trailing in her wake.

The restaurant situated at the back of UCC is actually called Alcove. Asian Restaurant. Bar (no idea what’s going on with all those full stops), and only a few tables were occupied when we went inside.

After we ordered, the food came in like less than ten minutes!

I had Thai crispy chicken rice ($5.50). True to its name, my crispy chicken was extremely crispy and went very well with the sweet and sour Thai chilli sauce drizzled over it. Small eaters may find the amount of rice they give a little too much though! I made myself finish all of my rice though! :P

My brother had sambal fried rice ($5.50) and iced lemon tea ($2). His fried rice was delicious and the sambal added an extra fiery kick!

My mum had Yang Chow fried rice ($5) and a latte ($3). Her fried rice was fragrant and delicious.

After trying my brother’s sambal fried rice and my mum’s Yang Chow fried rice, I can’t decide which one is better. I’d have to say:  各有千秋! But those who enjoy stronger flavours will probably prefer the sambal fried rice.

My sister had sweet and sour fish with rice ($5.50) and orange juice ($3). I tried a tiny piece of fish, which was nice.

And my dad only had a cup of English breakfast tea ($2, which I forgot to photograph), because he had already eaten his fill at the buffet. :P

While we were eating, one of my sister’s university classmates, a fellow graduate-to-be, came with her entourage. Yes, you read that right, entourage, not family, as there were probably more than a dozen members.

The original bill was $31, but we enjoyed a 10% discount (for NUS staff or students), and the final bill came up to $27.90. With its good food, efficient service and affordable prices, dining at Alcove is definitely value for money!

In all, it was a very exciting lunch as my sister would be receiving her graduate scroll in a couple of hours!!!

Alcove. Asian Restaurant. Bar
50 Kent Ridge Crescent
NUS University Cultural Centre
Singapore 119279
+65 6777 0050


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