pre-birthday celebration

Our office organizes a small birthday celebration every month, and this afternoon we held the birthday celebration for the July babies – L, MS, Z and me!

It was actually a pre-birthday celebration for L, MS and me, but a post-birthday one for Z as her actual birthday was yesterday.

Our HR, GE, had previously asked us what cake we wanted. Everyone else was like ‘anything’, so I suggested getting the Devil’s Chocolate Cake (since everyone likes chocolate!) from TCC, since there was a TCC outlet nearby at Great World City and I had never tried their cakes before. I even volunteered to lend her my TCC membership card! :D

Not only did GE get that exact cake from TCC, she also got fresh cherries and three types of ice cream (Apple Pie, Very Berry and Chendol) from Island Creamery!

I had a extra large slice of cake with small scoops of all three types of ice cream! The cake was rich and good and so were all the ice creams! What a treat!!! :D

NB Last year, GE also got the cake I suggested for the July birthday celebration – it was also a chocolate cake!


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