scenes from my sister’s commencement

Scenes from my sister’s Commencement last Saturday, all captured by yours truly……

Before I went to bed on Friday night……

My sister bought these from a florist near our place. Total cost: $40, sponsored by me! :D

And when I woke up the next morning, they had somehow magically morphed into a bouquet!

First, Commencement at the NUS University Cultural Centre……

My brother and I had a bird’s eye view from where we were sitting!

That is my finger in the top right corner! :P

Then, post-Commencement party on the roof of NUHS Tower Block……

All the graduates squished together for phototaking!

The photographer was standing on a platform to take photos!

My sister and her clinical group mates leaping for joy!

Pity about my camera’s slow shutter speed, though! :P

And this is my favourite photo.


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