and it’s a treat!

Am a TCC member, so they sent me a birthday treat recently: a voucher  for 50% off my first meal and 30% off my second during my birthday month! So as July is winding down to a close, I finally managed to drag my whole family down to the TCC outlet closest to our home this afternoon!

Sister’s Smoked Salmon Avo-bayon ($15.50). She ordered it because she wanted something different. It looks like an artistic mess from this angle. :P

Brother’s Mentaiko Crab Baton Spaghetti ($17.80). I think I tried like only a strand of this, but it was al dente and flavourful enough.

Mum’s Mushroom Tortellini Al Arabiatta ($17.50). This was mushroom stuffed pasta in a spicy tomato sauce. Mum didn’t notice that there was a little chilli icon next to the name of this dish in the menu, so when it came and we all took a bite, what a surprise we got!!! It was super spicy!!! :O Can really eat until shiok!!! :D

Dad and I ordered the same thing: Fragrant Ocean Catch ($22.50), but I asked for mayonnaise! It was reasonably good. The fish was tender and moist, and the roasted mixed vegetables tasted interesting. But would have preferred some green veggies though.

And then, dessert time!!! :D

Sister’s Classic Marble Cheesecake ($5.60).

Brother’s Classic Sour Cream Cheesecake ($5.40).

I thought both cheesecakes were reasonably good but my mum felt that my sister’s piece wasn’t cheesy enough.

And my Milky Choc Mousse with Raspberry Coulis ($9.90). The round chocolate dome was made of milk chocolate mousse and contained raspberry jelly and raspberry coulis. The fresh berries were a little tart and cut through the richness of the chocolate mousse. Very very very good! :)

The subtotal originally came up to $116.70 (my birthday is 16 July, or 167!!!), and was discounted to $58.35. After taxes were added, the final bill was $68.65, and I picked up the tab. :) This was the very first time I’d treated my family to a meal! :D

65 Airport Boulevard
Changi Airport Terminal 3 Arrival Hall
Singapore 819663
+65 6214 0680

After that, we went shopping around Terminal 3. Had no idea that it was so full of shops and there were so many things to see and do there!


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