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counting down the days

Eight more days to my big event!!!


sisters and brothers

Snippet of a Whatsapp conversation with Zhiqi this morning……

Me: Do you really call him didi

ZQ: eh only when I feel like it
just that didi easier to type than younger bro
most of the time I call him yang

Me: Oh yar u have 2 brothers so need to differentiate

ZQ: yup

Me: My brother thinks it is unfair his 2 sisters have a brother but he has none lol

ZQ: lol that’s funny

Me: I think it is unfair he has two sisters but i only have one! :(

seeing double

I often see a squirrel scampering up and down this tall leafy tree in my office compound. This morning, when I walked past the tree, I was amazed to see not one but two squirrels scampering around its trunk! Double the cuteness! And it really made my morning!!! :D

counting down the days

Nine more days to my big event!!!

counting down the days

Ten more days to my big event!!!

a generous spirit

My favouritest wuxia character Guo Xiang in action……







fear not to grasp what fortune sends

On Facebook, many of my fellow alumni have been posting links to articles similar to this one and expressing varying degrees of sadness. I understand their feelings, but at the end of the day, this is life and change is the only constant. I do feel a little melancholy myself, but I think that this is going to be a really exciting time for my alma mater as a new chapter in her history is going to be written!

And so I posted this quote on Facebook, something to keep in mind when my alma mater eventually makes the big move:

I remembered once, in Japan, having been to see the Gold Pavilion Temple in Kyoto and being mildly surprised at quite how well it had weathered the passage of time since it was first built in the fourteenth century. I was told it hadn’t weathered well at all, and had in fact been burnt to the ground twice in this century.

“So it isn’t the original building?” I had asked my Japanese guide.

“But yes, of course it is,” he insisted, rather surprised at my question.

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a family reunion

I can’t say this article is entirely surprising, given what was reported a couple of years back……

RGS to move to premises across Raffles Institution in 2018
Stacey Chia

Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary) will move to a new $50 million campus opposite Raffles Institution in 2018, finally bringing together Singapore’s premier boys and girls’ schools.

Yesterday’s announcement ends at least two years of speculation over whether the all-girls school would move from Anderson Road, where it has been since 1959.

Their new campus will be built on the site of the former Braddell-Westlake Secondary School.

The announcement was made by Justice Judith Prakash, chairman of the RGS board of governors, at its Speech Day yesterday.

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slip of the tongue

One of colleague Daphne’s Facebook status updates on 13 August:

Aiyah since u all want to know..what i did.. Let me tell u all…
Just now i met a old uncle with a pair of cutie female twins at my vioddeck..
Our conversation
Me : wah 好可爱哦!!!!
Uncle: 她们是我的孙女
Me: wah 张得好像。。她们是同性恋吗?OMGxxx 她们是双胞胎!!!
Uncle : hahahahhahahahahahahah!!!

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white ramen and green tea

On Friday evening (24 August), Daphne and I decided to go get dinner at Raffles City after work. We walked around the eateries located in the basement a couple of times, but couldn’t decide on what to eat. Finally, we decided to try this newly opened restaurant on the first floor, Menya Musashi (named after legendary Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi), which specializes in ramen.

We joined a rather long queue outside the restaurant. To reduce waiting time, they had a staff go down the line to pass menus out and take orders.

As there were only two of us, we were lucky enough to get a table after waiting less than 15 minutes, ahead of other larger groups!

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go put your aegyo on

When I first noticed hit Korean girl group Girls’ Generation, or So Nyuh Shi Dae (SoShi or SNSD for short), I thought all nine of their members looked the same. After a while, I taught myself to recognize each member and realized they looked nothing like each other at all. It’s just the identical or similar outfits they wear!

Anyway, the SoShi fandom (who call themselves Sones) continues to amaze me. To wit:

A Study of SNSD Portmanteaus

Which I honestly enjoyed reading very much, even though I am not a Sone (nevertheless I think SNSD songs are terribly fun to sing during karoke sessions!!!).

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pasta lunch

Public holiday today as it was Hari Raya Puasa yesterday……

Lunch today: penne with asparagus, prawns and bacon, courtesy of the mother! Yum! :)

a somewhat atas breakfast

Fluffy pancakes for breakfast today, courtesy of the mother……

And I ate them with Dreyer’s vanilla ice cream and Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate fudge sauce!

My sister got the Ghirardelli chocolate fudge as a gift (the price tag still stuck to the bottom of the jar says it costs $10! :P). Alas, it tasted weird and had a strangely salty aftertaste. Personally, I think Nutella is cheaper and better! :P

beyond beauty

This snippet from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince never fails makes me tear……

‘Bill,’ whispered Mrs Weasley, darting past Professor McGonagall as she caught sight of Bill’s mangled face. ‘Oh, Bill!’

Lupin and Tonks had got up hastily and retreated so that Mr and Mrs Weasley could get nearer to the bed. Mrs Weasley bent over her son and pressed her lips to his bloody forehead.

‘You said Greyback attacked him?’ Mr Weasley asked Professor McGonagall distractedly. ‘But he hadn’t transformed? So what does that mean? What will happen to Bill?’

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low carb dinner

Dinner tonight, courtesy of my mum (clockwise from left): chicken fillets (pan fried and then baked; cut into them and was surprised to see that they had cheesy centres),  siew yok (panfried with a little soya sauce) and salad (store bought, but my mum added some orange segments and tossed everything in a light citrusy orange juice dressing). Absolutely delicious! Possibly the best home cooked low carb meal I’ve ever had!!! :D

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